I should number looks? We’ll call this one Look #5 at random. :)!

Hello everyone! I’m back again this week with a mix and match from  my favorite stores! I can’t really rant and rave about each piece individually, but I think they’re all pretty fantastic. I’m especially in love with the high rise tip from R.icielli. Though I’m super excited fall is around the corner (and it’s my favorite fashion season, so watch out!), I’m sad that I found this shirt so late in the game! I probably would have had it on my avie consistently and forgot all about tops, mixing and matching things to wear with this.

The hair is a new release from Lelutka – Bridgette Hair. And if you don’t know me yet, but I’m from the south of USA – Baton Rouge Louisiana. Down here we loooooooooooove big hair! Big everything, really. But, I won’t go there. But, as soon as I tried it on, I had to snatch it up! And I’ve been wearing it for days now. It seems to go with almost everything.

I know everybody has these shoes, but you have to have a pair. They’re like… a fashion staple now. All the cool kids are wearing them! But just remember to style them and make them your own, yeah? (sometimes I wonder what that means).

Absinthe’s Look #3:

Hair: Lelutka – Bridgette Hair – Burnt

Hair piece: LaGyo – Pale rose headband (my favorite)

Necklace: LaGyo – Knots short necklace – pearl

Shirt: R.icielli – SARAH minitop

Shorts: The Secret Store – Highwaisted shorts – black

Braceletes: ::je suis…grande:: browns bangles

Shoes: Maitreya Gold* – Allegre Nude

Purse: (TokiD) – owl bag (skin)

Enjoy!  I’m still working on my photography. Let’s see if a new video card will keep me from crashing. Here’s hoping.

I ran around SL in this today. I eventually changed out the shoes and added a bag, but this picture was one I had already taken. Pooh-pooh. I don’t run out and buy the newest things, because I think you can still style from old items and outfits you have. Mix and Match — that’s the point of it. Though I do go out and buy new items all the time, I always fish for something that I’ve worn before that can work first.

I need to come up with some sci-fi, futuristic, alien… stuff. I figure I’ll give it a go this up coming weekend. Wish me luck!

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: [Shag]; Love is a battlefield – coffee

Coat: CheerNo – Prince – Moon

Belt: Baiastice; Dita Corset belt – red

Dress: Peqe; Kendall Leoness

Boots: BAX; Prestige Boots – Brown

yeap. lol


Bliss Miss?

Yin and Yang

I have a confession. My main mentor and most fashion model in SL came to class with this dress on and I had a billion and one ideas zoom through my head. Here are only two of them! I’m still learning how to take photos on SL and about wind light settings (wtf?) and shadows (wtf???) and global illuminations (*head to desk*) so please bare with me as I try to get it all straight! Until then…

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: booN – CCV788 hair

Hat: House of Fox – ModernCoutureHat II – black

Necklace: Donna Flora – PRINCESS

Earrings: Donna Flora – PARADISE

Dress: Kathena Flexi Dress – black and beige

Leggings: OSAKKI – Taboo Leggings. Pinacle

Shoes: ::DIVINE:: – Diva Fucsia Boots

Kera’s style: Coming Soon

Think! Pink! Pink Ladies need their T-bird slicks.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: booN: BOTA76 – chocolate

Earrings & Bracelet: Donna Flora – Princess

Collar: LaGyo – Violin Collar

Dress: Kathena Flexi Dress – Pink

Shoes: =[N-core]=: INFINITY XtreamHeel – Candy

(P.S – I’m also learning wordpress and will do a nice layout eventually!)

Hello SL Fashion

Hi. I should start this bibliography of a post by explaining my name. My user name on SL is Sinontherocks – Sin on the Rocks which is one of my favorite drinks. My name is Absinthe Montenegro (that oh-so-sinful drink). I joined SL after we had to make user names with “resident” at the end, which totally cramps my style! But the show must go on.

I’m very new to SL fashion. In fact, I joined SL 5 months ago in hopes that I’d be able to role-play here. But, since I had trouble understanding SL and were to find great places with good writing, I gravitated to the one thing that I did understand.


It wasn’t all that easy. I started off wearing the trashiest things I could find, and then slowly gravitated toward attire that reflected who I was a person outside of the game. I’ve had trouble with prims – I went my first 3 months walking around not adjusting anything, and wish lashes that were so crooked people couldn’t see my eyes. I didn’t know what a hair base was until 30 days, and I just now realized that there are hair bases that are specific for certain kinds of up-dos. Go figure. I hated prim nails and wore them flexed off my fingers, my feet didn’t match until about 4 months. I  can cross my heart and hope to die in saying that this is my first avatar and only avatar — I’ve had some tragic/funny moments I’m going to share in my blog.

Let’s just say it’s been quite a journey. I will say that I’m a quick learner, I’m enthusiastic and absolutely thrilled to be involved in this form of creativity. I had always wanted to live in New York and be a fashion model, or design clothes. Instead of hung up my very brief amateur modeling career for one in the medical field. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But! SL has given me the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. :) yay.

This is my first style. I usually try to buy clothing that doesn’t require a lot of prim adjustment, but the boyfriend jacket from So Many Styles, and the Romper Dress (Coral) from LaViere definitely needed a bit of man handling to look proper.  Nonetheless I enjoyed frolicking around SL in it, and having people ask me where my outfit was from.  Don’t you love that?

I’ll likely not be posting this much text with this fashion blog — it’s only one in a billion. But, I figured that if I’m going to style myself up daily with nowhere special to go, I might as well post about it. So enjoy. And thanks to all who’ve helped and who are still helping me find my way through all this modeling mayhem. <33

Moving to the country! Gonna eat me alot of peaches

Moving to the country! Gonna eat me alot of peaches!

 Absinthe’s Style: (Head to toe)

Hair: [Shag] – Bombshell – Bittersweet

Earrings, necklace, bracelet: Donna Flora – FLORA jewelry set

Jacket: So Many Styles: Boyfriend Blazer – Floral beige

Dress: LaViere – Romper dress – Floral

Leggings: LaGyo – Lace Legs – Rust

Shoes: Pixel Mode – Fae Wedge [C] – Peach

Purse: R.iciell – 2.55 classic bag – crema