Look #8 – The pictures are getting better :)

I have my first  fashion show tomorrow with the Super Hero theme for  BOSL fashion week. I’m scared to death! I’ve practiced and practiced and practiced. Changed poses and practiced again. I tried to sneak in a show with the One-in-a-Million Designer show that was this 17th to break me in before tomorrow. However, so many awesome people came to see Neno and Jena’s hard work (>80 people) that the sim crashed!~ It will be held this weekend, on the 24th. Details to come.

Wish me luck tomorrow. :)

Here’s the infamous snow queen I’d been working on. She puts the Dark Queen to shame yeah? So, I’m just going to have to fix up the Dark Queen again and reshoot her.

And this one, because I couldn’t resist the angle. My Style card will come eventually. I’m trying to crank out all these pictures from the outfits I have stored in my inventory.


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