Look #12

After last night, I decided that I wanted to do something more everyday. I waned to dress her in something that I’d wear out and about. I absolutely loved the skirt from the Modavia fashion week add and so I found it at their FW mall location from Chantkare. It’s lovely.

When I first started this styling I felt a little lost with it. I had originally picked up this head scarf and belt and things just weren’t fitting. Instead of forcing it I put it up, put on some music and did some studying. Then I came back and the pieces just started to fit together.

I think I like styling so much because it’s like a puzzle piece and certain pieces fit together and others don’t. Certain designers and brands work together and then some do not. And I get to run around SL looking for that ONE missing piece to make it all come together for myself.

I wanted to tell you all about this bag. It is now my FAVORITE bag ever in SL. It’s made by Indy&Co and it looks REAL and it feels REAL. Also it has a hud so you can change the color of the leathers to at least 10 options, and the straps, and the buckles. So you can basically wear it with anything. :) Loves it. So now it will be in every picture.

Sorry. :)

This is another clumsy attempt of a head shot. ha ha. I’ll get better. :)

Absinthe’s style:

Hair: Lelutka – Amanda 3 – dark brunette

Hair band: NHA! – Samira

Eaarings: NHA! – EKIKA

Bracelete: Zaara: Ramya wood bangles

Shirt: AOARU: Cotton Shirt with Scarf Vest – Leo Orange (50% sale!)

Coat: AOARU: Simple Jacket – Brown (50% sale!)

Skirt: CHANTKARE – Country 2011

Bag: Indy&Co – Ireben Leather Color Change Carry All


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