Look #13

Two in one day. Wowzers. And I swear to go I really have RL things that I need to be doing. So I won’t be on SL much tomorrow save to take a much needed pic with my SL-bestie and watch the opening debut of the MVWs – two of which are my good friends. Yay!

Kera and I went shopping together today, which is always a bad idea, because I blew through 6K in 2 hours. :( This bad behavior is going to have to end eventually. But, as I was styling this, I was thinking that the more I do this, the more I add things. Just pile the shit on! That’s become my motto. Maybe sometimes less is more? So I had to have some serious self-restraint when it came to styling this dress, hopefully making it and the head piece the focus, and not all the crazy things I try to attach to my elbow.

I’d like to personally thank everybody’s who’s helped me so far. I know I’m new to SL modeling, and I haven’t done much in my measly 2 months on the scene. But I feel like I have the BEST support system. I’ve managed to meet all the great people :) Luckily, they like to take care of little people like me. I appreciate all the advice, the pep talks, the “pick your chin up Abs” moments, the pats on the backs, and then the times they just listen to me howl about how my lashes still don’t fit on my skull. I didn’t think SL modeling would be a challenge when I started, but wow. I have so far to go…  and so much to learn.


I love this dress. I suppose it’s become apparent since I’ve started blogging that I’m in love with Ladies Who Lunch. I should branch out! I will! I mean, my inventory is crammed full of things, but their items “speak to me” if you know what I mean. The only improvement that I see in this dress is that it’s 100% prims and it would have been nice to have some nude color nipple tape  with it! I had to fish through my inventory to find some brown patches so I could take my avie dancing tonight. Otherwise, such a fun dress! Also, I’m  not afraid to reuse items. Definitely not going to act like I get things from designers (which I’m proud to say I do not! I pick what I wear!). But, the everyday SL-fashionista reuses things!

This is what I’ll do too.

Absinthe’s Style:  I’m loving short boy cuts. Yes I am!

Hair: booN* – LOK255 Hair Chocolate

Head Piece: *Donna Flora* – OSIRIS Hairpiece ivory

Earring: *Donna Flora* – PRINCESS cream set

Bracelet: LaGyo – Shield bangle gold/white

Dress: [LWL] – the IT dress (bone)

Shoes: =[N-core]= – COQUETTE “Cream” (got pair of this RL!)

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