Look #14

So, I was going to wear something entirely different for the MVW Debut and BOSL FW Finale, but I hung out with my good friend Kalli this morning and we got ready together. She was wearing a dress from Paris Metro and gave me one.

! Woot! And so at first I was very thankful that it wasn’t a giant princess, sailor moon style gown. I might have grimaced, but it was this simple kind of semi-formal gown with amazing fall colors. I love the texture and flow of Paris Metro skirts as well and I’m very thankful and happy that she gave it to me to wear for today. :)

Also, I’m going to give this shout out to Kalli Birman, who is somebody I consider a close friend in SL. I actually met her around the time I first started and she’s a great witness for my noobishness. lol. I remember I wore a cute little dress from fab.pony and this was around the time when I wore things out-the-box without adjusting any prims whatsoever because I didn’t know I could do that. I mean, I thought I looked cute! And I met her out at a MK event and she goes, “Oh Absinthe.. look at your prims…”

She spent the rest of her morning helping me learn about prims, adjusting the, stretching, changing, adding, displacing, hooking -everything. And to her, I am so very very thankful that she saved me. :)

So cheers to you Kalli.

See you at the BOSL FW Finale and around the grid. :)

Absinthe’s style:

Hair: Lelutka – EXPERT hair

Earrings: Mandala – KABUKI EARRINGS – BROWN

Fur: Bliss Fur! – Lecker Fur Crop Top (Toffee)

Dress: Paris Metro: Entwined Gown – Chestnut (gorgeous for fall)

Clutch: Baiastice – B-long pochette-crocc – red

thank you

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