Look #15?

I’ve had this concept in my head for a while now. I saw this dress maybe two weeks ago and this coat. My brain had been sitting  on it for a while and I decided to tackle my idea today. I completed it in 1.5 hours – prim adjustments and all. :) yay. The top of the coat is Donna Flora and the bottom with the awesome bear face is Ladies Who Lunch!

I’m always running around the grid midst my styling ideas – floating from store to store and snatching things hoping they’ll work. I was at the Modaiva shopping area again today to get these shoes and without realizing it I had formed a group of girls around me saying that they loved my outfit and they were also using their Bad Romance gestures. How cool is that? I’m excited that I made them happy, and hopefully I can make others as well.


Btw, the coat is two different white furs shoved together. Listed in my style card.

Absinthe’s Style:

coming the next time she signs on SL. Not tonight!

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