Look #16 – orange fanta

This is my styling homework for my Solo Evane modeling course. I just had my graduation exam for Opium today! I hope I passed!

I’ve been going through a severe avie crisis lately. I won’t go into details on a public blog, but I heard that was normal. Is it???? I wouldn’t know. I feel like I want to start from scratch. But, I like her face. It’s not omg so gorgeous, but I like to think she’s more like a real runway model and not a pageant queen.. Beautiful in her ugly.

I was trying to figure out something to do with this python snake-suite from Riciella and tada! Also, I’m a bag whore RL, and I saw this one and had to have. Just think. A few dollars instead of 2G of US money. And my shopping desire still fills satisfied. (Though I normally would have chosen a more bland color like brown… ha. ) Thank you SL!

Absinthe’s style:

Hair: Chantkare – Kennedy Brunette

Earrings & Necklace: NHA! – Pamela (Kyrha Bouscario)

Body Suit: R.icielli – PYTHON print jumpsuit (MFW2001 look1)

Shorts: ALB – VOCA hot pants bronz (AnaLee Balut)

Boots: BAX – Prestige Boots – brown leather

Bag: ISON – kauki crocadile tote (bronze)

tyvm for your messages and compliments. I will post missing style cards soon.


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