#29 – jet setting

I’m traveling to Dallas, TX USA tomorrow. I had this panicking fear that I wouldn’t be able to style something tomorrow or Saturday. Sunday I’m in my VERY FIRST contest EVAR in SL and I’m really excited about it. I’m also petrified that the lag-monster will ruin me again. To say I’ve been humbled is an understatement.  I have an overactive imagination and I’ve always been drawn to painting, designing, sculpting, and playing with clothing. Just like when I train for marathons, if I don’t do something that I enjoy doing and it’s -in- me somewhere, I have to get it out!

This styling came from within. No rules. No outside RLdesigner  inspiration. Just a picture of pink tights in a magazine that made me go “Oh, I love pink tights.” I went from there and put this together in 30 minutes. Sometimes things are easier this way.

I’m dozing off as I type this so sorry for typos. Each time I flip through SL-model associated websites and various flickrs I’m always so amazed, mystified, and in awe of the work and creations that some of these women AND men come up with. Just.. wow. I definitely look up to everybody around me and I want to be just as good as they are. Not in a competition sense, but in the “I don’t want to embarrass them” kind of way. lol.  But, wow. Where you all draw it from, it’s just wonderful. Examples would be my best friend’s, Kera, styling for her MBMA graduation show! Fabulous! Or my friend Sabine who’s house is absolutely-to-die-for-can-I-please-move-in-please? And my other bestie Cassie is running an entire fashion show, and she’s putting some great things together! Anna is MVW ITALY! And Falbala is MVW GERMANY. And I’m so happy and proud, and gushing.

:) yay for everyone.

Absinthe’s style:

Hair: Vanity Hair: Bonetta HP browns

Earrings: Finesmith – O collection Droid Earrings

Necklace: Osakki – Grid Necklace. GunmetalPython

Dress: Osakki – Kurai Collection – discipline

Skirt: [sYs] Raven – dark outfit

Tights: {mon tissu} – Favorite Wool Tights – Fuschia

Shoes: [LWL] – Precarious Platform (just black)

Lipstick:  custom made for meeee by a friend! <33

Look #28

I’ve had this style for a while and I wore it out on another date tonight. Woop! Though I spent some time of it in photoshop. :x I can’t help myself sometimes. I’m trying not to set myself up for big disappointment in the up coming weeks. I’m so very happy that I’ve gotten this far in modeling, and that I’ve been giving opportunities many new models haven’t had yet. I’m so thankful and happy about it. But, I still have much to prove and a ton of hard work ahead.

I found myself asking what I really wanted out of all this. What, ultimately, was my goal? I don’t think I have the personality to be SL famous and I have absolutely no desire for that. My RL is very fulfilling and so having -attention- isn’t a void that I’m trying to fill. I do not think I’d like to be booked for 7 shows a week, styling 50 outfits, learning a dozen walks, and getting sloppy with what I do. I want to work on the quality of my work and not the quantity of it. That when I do a show, I do it -really- well and to the best of my ability whether I get cast in 1 show a month to 5. I feel discouraged often. I feel like I’m not making any progress and I’m spinning my wheels. But, I have to remember that nothing ever happens overnight. People put in their dues and so I have to put in mine. :)

I am happy with 1 show a month. I am happy to help my friends, and bounce from sim to sim going “OMMGGOOSSHH.. THIS HAIR IS SO COOL.”


This is for Robbie. <3

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: Eshi Otawara – KUROI

Hair: Plume – Venus – soil

Earrings: Leather & Gold Earrings

Bracelets: *YS&YS* – Glow Bangles Gold/Black

Ring: LaGyo – Sense of life ring – gold

Jacket: ALB dream fashion – JOVUU 5 in 1 leather jacket Dark

Skirt: Vero Modero – Geo Gown Black

Clutch – Indy&Co – Snakeskin Clutch – Gold

Look #27 – call-girl future

Mm. I’m a little bored. Who would have thought. But, I think I’m still content sitting in my prim house playing with clothing. I saw this hair on another blog and I just -had- to have it. I had to! I couldn’t resist. So I dropped the L’s and ran with it home. I’d been playing around with this outfit since yesterday and something was missing. I added the hair and tada!

I was going after a certain look, but the pieces didn’t fit. It just wasn’t working. This isn’t anything that I was trying to make, but it works non-the-less. AND, I am having waaaaaaayy too much fun running around SL looking like a cyber-call girl from that movie “The Fifth Element.”  Do you guys remember that movie? My famous boyfriend Brucie Willis is in it. He’s my baby’s daddy — just doesn’t know it yet and we still need to procreate in some manner..

Working on that.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Paper Heart – Prototype (blacks)

Necklace: [ glow ] studio – Abstract Necklace

Shirt: Emery – Top Color Block [Shaji]

Skirt: Mimikri – It ! Feather skirt honeysuckle

Tights: Osakki – Taboo Leggings – SafariNets

Shoes: J’s – ThighHigh Boots (black)

Bracelete: *YS&YS* Glow bangles Gold/Black (yes. I wear these ALOT. bite me!)


Show – One in a million deisgner challenge!

Here’s the second creation that I wore from Sally Soleil. A very creative design that incorporates breakfast in a way that you’ve never imagined! From the fruit in the hair to the drippy eggs on the shoes, I felt like the most edible piece of avatar flesh on the runway!

Great work and awesome detail, Sally. It was nice working for you.

Absinthe’s style —


Entire outfit, hair to shoes from Sally. Soleil – Fierce Designs

Earrings: ::je::suis:: tente – sunset

Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] – Matilde

#26 Harvest Formal

Hello. I’m excited about fall and decided I wanted to recreate a fall formal. I am going to post a big poofy dress formal this evening, but ONLY BECAUSE I wore it to a wedding and while I was trying on dresses in my inventory, my friend Devie said he liked it best. :\ So if I’m going to style something, I might as well post it. AND I WILL SAY THIS! Not all big, poofy dresses suck! They’re not all sailor-moon princess disgusting. For me, I just don’t gravitate to most. :)

Also got a comment on my blog that was really nice, so thank you for the IM! And, I will say that I don’t know what’s “new” on SL. I don’t know what’s “old” on SL. What I do know is what works for the particular outfit that I have in my head. So if it’s SL 2009 to yesterday’s latest creation, if it works it works. My blog is not an advertisement for SL retail stores. I am not sponsored by any particular designer. I don’t get an outfit and go “Oh it’s the best ever!” because somebody gave it to me for free and I’m tied to some obligation. Everything that I style, I love and want to wear. New. Old. Blue. Mold.

:) This blog is my journal through style on SL, and I hope some of you come join me.

we danced in a corn field and i felt beautiful that nigh

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: LaGyo – Harvest headpiece

Hair: Vanity Hair – Baker Street – browns

Fur: [ H ] – Red Arm Fur

Top & Belt: (Kunglers) – Juliana Dress – Peakcock

Skirt: Paper Couture – Liquid Gold

Earrings: NHA! – EKIKA Earrings


Look #25! OMG!!!

I’ve created 25 looks! Well. That’s not entirely true. I have a least a hundred sitting ready to go in my “outfits” folder, but I get bored and I hate going back to take pics of them, because I have something eating at my brain. Maybe if I ever get creatively blocked, I’ll cheat and go back to some of the things I did. Yeah! But 25! who would have thought!

And this look is a tribute to somebody I admire in RL fashion.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: *booN – TUN247 hair brown

Bracelet #1: Indy&Co – Peacock Bangles – black/white

Bracelet #2: Morea Collections – TONYA black Fusia

Earrings: NHA!- Earrings Joanna

Shirt: Mimikri – Jackie Chiffon Blouse black (restructured)

Coat: The Secret Store – Kimono Coat – Snow

Skirt: The Secret Store – Pencil Skirt – Bamboo

Tights: Peqe – Feathered Leggings

Heels: OSAKKI – OsakaPumps – blow

Glasses: MIEL – Genius Peepers

Show Display – Bloody Dolls Lionskins


I was in a show today and I think I did fairly well! Hit all my cues. Walked like I was supposed to. NO LAG!! yay!!! I think it’s what I needed after that horrible audition experience with the lag. So now I’m pumped up again, but I’ve decided to take a break from castings, and shows. I want to focus some on my styling and just veg out for a while. Breaks are good. I think a small one will do me some justice.

I’m looking for a male model photo buddy! (not lover or partner or boyfriend just to clarify). Somebody who wants to do personal style challenges with me, take photos, shop and etc. I’d like the company :) So if you think you have something in common with me, IM me. I’d love to do a fashion jam session and see what the hell we create together.

I need my zombie prince! Where are you! ?

Both outfits can be bought at the Lionskin store! Facial tattoo’s can also be bought at the store as well.

Azull’s Style: #1

Skin: Lionskin – Lea GOTHIC

Hair: deiTY – Jahi Hair(Abyss)

Choker & Earrings – deiTY

Dress: .SweetAntidote – muurbloem-BLOOD

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix – Iceli Full Spike White

Tights: Fab Pony – black fishnets


Azull’s Style: #2

Skin: Lionskin – Lea GOTHIC

Hair: Vita’s Boudoir – Messy  Hair

Choker * Earrings: deITY

Dress: Vita’s Boudoir – Spider web dress

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Nara Chunky Pump – White

Tights: Fab Pony – black fishnets


Look #24

Well. I had a bad experience at a casting. I experienced some serious lag and missed a stop. :( I was very upset about it the whole day, because what I hate the most is appearing incompetent. But, I suppose it happens to the best of us. I have the fear of idk-what in me now when it comes to lag and being on stage. My palms sweat. My eye twitches. It’s like all the hard work I put into something can be abolished entirely by servers, scripts, and my inability to move.

Doesn’t matter that I spent 2G on a gaming laptop, have fans, cooling pads, and a clean system. Lag will eat me alive and it’s something that I need to learn to work through.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need it.

I wanted to dress sophisticated again. I suppose I was in a mood to feel like I was shopping in paris or I was meeting a friend for lunch after leaving my sky-scraper office. ha ha. And yes.. the giant red hat is popular and from MFW. I was against buying it for a while, but then I put on this skirt and I couldn’t resist.

I succumb to the power of the hat! lol

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: NX-Nardcotix Innocence Meryl Hat SLexy

Hair: Miamai – Anna Bun

Earrings and Necklace : Donna Flora – IRENE black set

Shirt: Donna Flora – ASSIA Dress – top

Shirt #2: Baiastice – Minuet Blouse – black (restructured)

Skirt: Baiastice – Leather print skirt – red

Coat: AOHARU – BT Fur Coat G2 (50% off)

Bag:  Baiastice – 2009 crocodile black

Shoes: Maitreya – Mishima Dawn – Patent mix Liquorice

Tights: Shop Toshy – Black tights with seam