I’ve been working on this look sparingly in between my favorite fashion show of the season, the One in a Million Designer Challenge, and some RL company that’s come into town this weekend. I’ve been putting pieces here and there, and ugh. My inventory is a wonderful mess! I’ve devised a plan to photo capture items and file them on my hard drive to make a out-of-world closet to aid me in my missions. Until then, I go off memory.

This look is for a contest I decided to enter. I’ve done one here and there with little luck, but I figure I can use the practice with photography. Why not have a focus and some rules? Makes it kind of fun.

I really like this outfit. My friend Devie said I looked like a sophisticated lady. :P Though I was hoping to add some “Edge” to it. Whatever that means. Sometimes people drop fashion terms in SL and I don’t know what they’re looking for. But, I catch myself using them and I wince, because I know the God of fashion probably wants to strike me down!

Anyway, enjoy. Style card included. I get a free weekend to fill in my style cards next weekend :)

Absinthe’s Style:

Head: Bliss Couture: Imani Hat (black)

Hair: Miamai – Anna – Chocolate

Earrings: Indy&Co – Briolette Earrings: Rouge

Coat: GizzA – BOSL Le Rouge

Shawl and leggings: [sYs] RAVEN – dark outfit

Shoes: Biastice – Nicki Ankle Boots- red

thank you very much!

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