Look #20

Well. I think I’ve had an achievement today. I figured out how to put on lashes. I THINK! I THINK! Don’t get too excited now. But, they don’t look like they’re floating off my skull anymore — I think! We’ll see. But because I spent 1 hour trying to really really put the bastards on, I don’t think I’ll be changing the shape of my eyes anytime soon.

In fact, I’m finished changing my avies face entirely. (At least for this week).

I’ve been thinning out my outfits, and I found this one from Cora Lu’s recent Paper Couture line. I wore this to my friend Hikaru’s birthday party. It was black and white themed and I remember running around 1 hr before throwing this together. There’s nothing more fun than styling under pressure. It’s better than letting thing stew for a few days like some of the things I’ve started.

It was a fun dress! Indeed! As are the others I’ll get around to posting. I’ve been working more on my photography and photoshopping. I’ve also gotten to the point were I think I want a studio. I think wind-lights are cool and everything, but I really want to be able to control projection lights and shadows. I think things will be easier for me.

I really really love this picture. Work it Absinthe work it! lol. Yes. I am a goob. And?

And I’ve attached a style card.  Good night all and sweet dreams!

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Vanity Hair: Minerva HP – Soil

Eaarings: Mandala -SENJYU – Black (full bright)

Dress: Paper Couture – Sequin Ruffles

Shoes: N-Core – Temptation XtremeHeel IIL – Pearl

Nails: Candy Nail: #P0000 Basic Prim Nail Monototone10

Bracelets: Indy&CO: Peakcock Bangle – Black

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