Look #22

It’s about time I invest in a better journal layout. I’ve always worked under the notion that it’s the content that’s important. But now that I’ve decided I really do enjoy keeping a blog of my fashion adventures, memories, and growth in styling (for my own personal happiness), I think I’ll put some time and money into making this look more professional.

I’ve also developed a few good pictures during my exploration of photography. Simple, but I think they’re good and represent my style. I still have a few I need to document, but I’m going  to create my mega website portfolio soon. Some of my friends have seen some of my other websites, and I’ll be happy to do this one.

This is my homework for my SoloEvane modeling course. We are supposed to come dressed for Fall Season, NYC or Paris themed. :x Every idea I started off with morphed into something way complex and fun. And I spent nearly an hour reconstructing a collar on a shirt for another outfit. But… it wasn’t what I think the instructor is wanting.

So. I kept it simple this time. A simple style… I think.

The colors are, to my surprise, LSU colors! Woot!! Though I’m not entirely a huge fan of that college football team seeing as how I’m a Georgia Blulldog through and through. I do live in Louisiana and I do live in Tiger nation, so… this is a tribute to my local college team colors :)

Okay. Now to type out the dreaded style card :( There must be an easier way of doing this.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Vanity Hair:: Folies D’ete browns

Earrings: .P.C.Line – Leather & Gold Earings

Necklace: *YS&YS* – Long Pearls Nite Set (no longer sold)

Scarf: Miel – Maki Scar – flor

Belt: R.icielli – QUEEN belt/ black

Dress: { Gisaci } – Lima Treachcoat – Diviniti

Tights: *Shop Toshy* – black tights

Boots: Mary Jane Shoes – Sleek Knee Boots – black

Look #21

Everybody is wearing the giant petal dress from GIZZA. Yes. I own it too, but since it’s the latest craze I haven’t thrust myself in it yet. I was shopping and I saw this dress with was a similar style, but it spoke to me. So I bought it and wore it on a date last night :)

And I think he thought I was very cute. Yay!  What a pleasant surprise wearing this dress was, because it was big, and puffy, and it knocked things over. BUT! It also spits out petals! It rains these peach petals as you move around, and I’m such a fan of the little details. So I finally had to take it off to work on my new idea with my friend Jack. But, still. It spits out petals!!!

The head piece is from Donna Flora. I couldn’t resist wearing something bird-like in a dress that looks like a giant nest of silk :)

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: Donna Flora: CRISTINA hairpiece

Hair: *booN:  YKZ851 hair chocolate

Earrings & Necklace: Donna Flora: Corals Set

Dress: CIA: My HUGE Petal Dress (Ayla Stradling)

Leg Warmers: League: Merino Legwarmers-cream

Shoes: N-Core: SOUL Xtremeheel II