Look #24

Well. I had a bad experience at a casting. I experienced some serious lag and missed a stop. :( I was very upset about it the whole day, because what I hate the most is appearing incompetent. But, I suppose it happens to the best of us. I have the fear of idk-what in me now when it comes to lag and being on stage. My palms sweat. My eye twitches. It’s like all the hard work I put into something can be abolished entirely by servers, scripts, and my inability to move.

Doesn’t matter that I spent 2G on a gaming laptop, have fans, cooling pads, and a clean system. Lag will eat me alive and it’s something that I need to learn to work through.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need it.

I wanted to dress sophisticated again. I suppose I was in a mood to feel like I was shopping in paris or I was meeting a friend for lunch after leaving my sky-scraper office. ha ha. And yes.. the giant red hat is popular and from MFW. I was against buying it for a while, but then I put on this skirt and I couldn’t resist.

I succumb to the power of the hat! lol

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: NX-Nardcotix Innocence Meryl Hat SLexy

Hair: Miamai – Anna Bun

Earrings and Necklace : Donna Flora – IRENE black set

Shirt: Donna Flora – ASSIA Dress – top

Shirt #2: Baiastice – Minuet Blouse – black (restructured)

Skirt: Baiastice – Leather print skirt – red

Coat: AOHARU – BT Fur Coat G2 (50% off)

Bag:  Baiastice – 2009 crocodile black

Shoes: Maitreya – Mishima Dawn – Patent mix Liquorice

Tights: Shop Toshy – Black tights with seam

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