#26 Harvest Formal

Hello. I’m excited about fall and decided I wanted to recreate a fall formal. I am going to post a big poofy dress formal this evening, but ONLY BECAUSE I wore it to a wedding and while I was trying on dresses in my inventory, my friend Devie said he liked it best. :\ So if I’m going to style something, I might as well post it. AND I WILL SAY THIS! Not all big, poofy dresses suck! They’re not all sailor-moon princess disgusting. For me, I just don’t gravitate to most. :)

Also got a comment on my blog that was really nice, so thank you for the IM! And, I will say that I don’t know what’s “new” on SL. I don’t know what’s “old” on SL. What I do know is what works for the particular outfit that I have in my head. So if it’s SL 2009 to yesterday’s latest creation, if it works it works. My blog is not an advertisement for SL retail stores. I am not sponsored by any particular designer. I don’t get an outfit and go “Oh it’s the best ever!” because somebody gave it to me for free and I’m tied to some obligation. Everything that I style, I love and want to wear. New. Old. Blue. Mold.

:) This blog is my journal through style on SL, and I hope some of you come join me.

we danced in a corn field and i felt beautiful that nigh

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: LaGyo – Harvest headpiece

Hair: Vanity Hair – Baker Street – browns

Fur: [ H ] – Red Arm Fur

Top & Belt: (Kunglers) – Juliana Dress – Peakcock

Skirt: Paper Couture – Liquid Gold

Earrings: NHA! – EKIKA Earrings


One thought on “#26 Harvest Formal

  1. I’m glad you liked the arm fur! I hadn’t thought much about putting it on with an evening gown before. :)

    I like your photo composition, especially the use of color with the background.

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