Look #28

I’ve had this style for a while and I wore it out on another date tonight. Woop! Though I spent some time of it in photoshop. :x I can’t help myself sometimes. I’m trying not to set myself up for big disappointment in the up coming weeks. I’m so very happy that I’ve gotten this far in modeling, and that I’ve been giving opportunities many new models haven’t had yet. I’m so thankful and happy about it. But, I still have much to prove and a ton of hard work ahead.

I found myself asking what I really wanted out of all this. What, ultimately, was my goal? I don’t think I have the personality to be SL famous and I have absolutely no desire for that. My RL is very fulfilling and so having -attention- isn’t a void that I’m trying to fill. I do not think I’d like to be booked for 7 shows a week, styling 50 outfits, learning a dozen walks, and getting sloppy with what I do. I want to work on the quality of my work and not the quantity of it. That when I do a show, I do it -really- well and to the best of my ability whether I get cast in 1 show a month to 5. I feel discouraged often. I feel like I’m not making any progress and I’m spinning my wheels. But, I have to remember that nothing ever happens overnight. People put in their dues and so I have to put in mine. :)

I am happy with 1 show a month. I am happy to help my friends, and bounce from sim to sim going “OMMGGOOSSHH.. THIS HAIR IS SO COOL.”


This is for Robbie. <3

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: Eshi Otawara – KUROI

Hair: Plume – Venus – soil

Earrings: Leather & Gold Earrings

Bracelets: *YS&YS* – Glow Bangles Gold/Black

Ring: LaGyo – Sense of life ring – gold

Jacket: ALB dream fashion – JOVUU 5 in 1 leather jacket Dark

Skirt: Vero Modero – Geo Gown Black

Clutch – Indy&Co – Snakeskin Clutch – Gold

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