#39 – just wait for when I get back up.

This is an outfit that I’m particularly proud of. I was walking around the vintage fair looking for inspiration for my outfit when I chanced on this skirt. It’s colors were so bright and vivid that I snatched it and went from there. I changed the lower skirt prim to a royal, teal, and green to add a little spunk to the patterning of the dress. The tights are white – retinted to a salmon pink. The shoes are cute mary jane style platforms from Lelutka. The coat is beige, retinted bright red from mon tissu (love that store).

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Vanity – Diorissima HP – soil

Sunglasses – Epoque –

Jacket -Mon tissu – wool blend jacket – beige

Skirt – INDIE ROSE – Vintage 50’s party dress – yellow

Tights –  – stocking 5099 – white

Necklace – LaGyo – multi strand necklace – A – resized to 40

Earrings – Glow Studio – Kurba earring – pink

Shoes: Lelutka – pow pumps – red


#38 – white chocolate

So, I notice that everybody is posting about these two wonderful CHANTKARE dresses and I’ve given both a twist and taken a little risk. This is my version of the white cocktail dress and.. yes. I love it. And I am wearing it.

See you around SL!


Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: booN  – ARK554

Earrings: NHA! Julia

Top:VERO MODERO – Pie Gown Top

Skirt: CHANTKARE – Creme Brulee

Bracelete: Donna Flora – Princess Bracelete

Shoes: N-Core – CHANCE “Rouge Passion”

Sunglasses: Epoque – Oversized Shades – Loud

#37 – Chocolate

I’m sick. :(


I love this dress because the texture is impeccable and its so simple. I decided to be daring yet again and paired it with bright red accents. The Fox fur stole is my new favorite thing in SL and I think I will wear it everyday until I see it around too often. Maybe it’s an old find, since I’m new to SL still and everything still seems new to me. Either way, I do love it. That nasty, dead, foxy thing — I’m a honey badger and probably killed it and wrapped it around my throat to accessorize. hee.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: booN – WMO003 – chocolate

Bow: BRB – accessory *ribbon coffee*

Earrings: NHA! – Suanne

Fur Stole: Fleshtone – FurSweater (shawl)

Fox Stole: Eclectica – Feral Fox fur – chocolate

Dress: CHANTKARE: Minimal Chic Dress

Purse: Indy & co – Snakeskin Clutch – Gold

#36 – casual day

Hello. :)


Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: tram – A812 hair / brown&black

Earrings: NHA! – Earring Milan

Scarf: tram – neck-warmer [textureChangeer] – tinted black

Shirt: R.icielli – DEADMM sweater/beige

Undershirt: R.icielli – PYTHON print black bodysuit

Bracelets: MONS – Big bangle dore&si, dore*fur

Skirt: Mimikri – It! – Feather Skirt  black

Shotes: R.icielli -TATE shoes/black


thank you

35 – patience

I’m going on a small vacation from SL and all things internet in the next few days. :) I’m going to see my grandmother for Thanksgiving and she lives in the country with no internet or cable t.v. So I’ve selected some books I want to read and I have some papers I need to revise. This is my last styling until then.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Lelutka – MOURRAY hair – dark brunette

Necklace: LaGyo – Kai necklace

Belt: LaGyo – Alla belt – CORNSILK

Dress: House of Fox – Color.Me. – Skater dress [Beige]

Tights: dcg – stocking low-rise thin – retinted brown

Boots: Mon tissu – Provence Riding Boots – chestnut

Fur: Lelutka – IRINUSKA bolero/warm – retinted brown

Bag: LaGyo – The Desperado bag – rusty croco

#34 — Gypsy Lover

Hello. Not much to say because this is a spontaneous post of an outfit I put together that I wasn’t planning on blogging. :) But I was asked so much about it out and about tonight I decided to go on and give credits to the lovely designers. I’m having tons of fun in SL — going to see live music and chatting Kalli and Cassie’s ear off. XD Love you girlies.


Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Serenity Browns

Collar:Kunglers – Victoria  – dress coat golding

Dress: Kunglers – Samuella dress – green

Belt: Azoury – Ceinture – gold

Bangle: Mandala TAKARA Bangle – Gold.Fur.leather

Shoes: N-Core – ILLUSION XtremeHeel – Gold




#33 — haha.. or something

Hello. I’m taking time out from styling what I have to style, to style what I want to style. I do love playing with colors, but I find that when there’s pressure added I always end up trying to please what I think other people want. I’ve decided to just be myself, to style from my heart, and to wear all the things that I WISH I could get away with RL.

I wore this out and about a little bit and it was, of course, toomuchfun. I still haven’t been but to the vintage fair but for 1 hour and to three stores. I’m going to try to go there tomorrow and stroll about and see what people are ranting and raving about. I need to not impulse by anymore, but make a list of things I think I can use by color, style, shape, and pattern and then a store. I’m starting my massive excel spreadsheet tomorrow. Yes. It’s a super geek move, however, it should give my credit card a break! I actually had to spend REAL LIFE PURSE MONEY on SL!

Now that’s crossing the damn line.


So let’s see. Updates about meeeeee. Well. I graduated from Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy this past Sunday. Yay! I haven’t taken my tag off yet and Sequoia Nightfire is an awesome teacher. This is definitely a class that I would sign up for, and if at all possible (no offense to the other instructors there), I think her class is well worth it. She’s very picky, and very strict… and exactly what I needed. Oh, and VERY KIND!!!

The Honey Badgers — my group of model friends –  are tearing up the runway going to castings and doing shows. I’m so proud of you guys and thank you for being my friend.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: tram – A817 / brown (Thanks Kera!)

Earrings – [ glow ] – Look At me Earrings Lila

Necklace -[ glow ] – The Nest Necklace

Fur – Mimikri – Fox Fur Stoel Fuchia

Shirt – MFW2012 – La Passion Violets – Modern Gypsy

Pants: MFW2012 – Osakki – FLOW Jumpsuit/ Phlox

Purse: Hawthorne – Nostalgia Clutch – taupe

#32… but not really…

I’m not the best blogger when it comes to my styles. I admit that. I think it’s the typing of the style card that deters me, really. I have so many ideas in my head that I enjoy styling it, wearing it, capturing it, and then throwing it on flickr really fast. Then to come here and type out, manually, everything that I wear is a little -.- for me. However, I do give credit to all the designers and clothes makers for everything that I wear. Without them I would have such pretty and unique items to play with (or my incredibly high credit card bill at the moment!). I don’t know how to make clothes, but I sure do love wearing them RL and SL. I love fashion.


Love it.

I love colors, textures, fabrics, patterns, GLITTER, and sprakles and faux fur … leather, twill, cotton. I love how it can make you a different person from one day to the next. That something as simple as a black p-coat that you’ve had for years can be worn when you’re cold or scared, and suddenly you don’t feel that way anymore.

It has power.

The power to move people emotionally or physically. The power to create motion politically and socially — to say all the things that words can’t describe, but you can tether these things into what you wear. And, it is not the price or the amount of money you spend on an item, but how you wear it that defines you.  How you tailor it, and fit it, and shape it to make it a creation of your own from a pair of jeans with your favorite picky sweater, to a 10,000 ball gown bought for charity. I am no expert.


But, I know what I love.

I know that when I’m sad, when I feel like I’m completely sucking at life (and SLife), when somebody hurts my feelings, or when I’ve been disappointed — I can turn to my fashion magazines and favorite t.v shows like “project runway” and now that it’s there waiting for me to play. Welcoming me with open arms. :)

By the way. There’s a boy that I like. And guess what? He types in complete sentences, too. *swoons!*

Absinthe’s style:

Hair: Vanity: Woopsie! Brown

Earrings: Donna Flora – PARADISE b/w earrings

Suns:**DIRAM** ARMELLE Diva sunglasses – black

Belt: *COCO* doublebelt – leopard- black

Bracelets: *YS&YS* Glow bangles silverblack

Fur Coat: ALEIDA – Sandy fur jacket – white (no longer sold)

Pants: Eshi Otawara – Gown that looks breezy

Nails: Mandala

Dress: *BOOM* – Tamed Aden’s black



I’m eating grapes. Mmm. Nom. I wore this around earlier this week. Same thing “OMG! I HAD SO MUCH FUN WEARING IT!” and I really did. If I could have tried to cast for the BLVD show, I probably would have attempted this. But, I’d rehearsals for other shows today :) I think I am going to try to push to join another agency sometime soon. I’m so shy and I never know what to say or who to ask.

Maybe I’ll just stay in my prim house and play with clothes. Less people to judge that way.

Back to grapes — and this style card is for my Sabbie <3

Absinthe’s Style

Hair: Vanity – Uthopia HP browns

Hairband: TokiD – ruf ribon – brown flowers

Fur Stole: AOHARU – Classic Drape Suit – Fur Stole

Coat: COCO – CheckSwingCoat – Red

Shirt: LaGyo – Femme-Arina Shirt – Ivory

Belt: Mon Tissu – Seneca Threaded Leather Belt – Sable

Shorts: Bliss Basic – Tweed Baggy Pants (Midnight)

Boots: BAX – Prestige Boots – brown leather

Bag: House of Fox – Roman Bag (coco)

Gloves: 1A – Boss Tactics

Have funnnnn!