I’m a honey badger. Yeah, you better be fucking scared!!!


Ahaha. My friend showed me this just a minute ago and I had to get my laptop to post it. I wish I could be as fearless as a honey badger for anything really. RL and SL. RL I wish I had a voice to say the things I really want to say, and help the people I really want to help, and be a person I really wish I could be. And for SL I wish I wasn’t so scared of rejection, or lag, or what other people think or don’t think about me. So, now I’m going to be a honey badger! And I’m not going to give a *SHIT!* about what gets tossed my way, because I’m going to attack it! And Conquer it! And kill it! And eat the fashion! hahahaha. And if somebody is mean to me and they want to bite me with their venom, sure I might pass out for a little while. But just like a honey badger, I’ll get back up and start attacking more stuff!!!



OkayI’mdoneknow. But, this lifted my spirits this morning. Now, to do laundry. -.-

#30 hello

I can’t sleep. I probably won’t be able to sleep until I realize that I don’t get a note. ha ha. :) At least I can say I tried, right? But, I do have some good news. I am officially OGLAM’s iNSIDE for October! Yay! I won my first contest and I’m very excited about it! I was a nervous wreck the entire time and praying that lag didn’t kill me. :) I made some adjustments to my outfit and will post photos of it soon. I have many posts coming after this one of my styles for the week. These are all things that I wear around second life. I don’t style anymore just to put it in a folder. I love to wear my outfit for the day and spend time handing out land marks when people IM me. I think that’s the best part. Sharing.

I am hopeful, but I don’t expect anything. I work hard, and I don’t need much in return. I take risks, and only disappoint myself. I fail often. Then, I get back up again. I wear bandages under my clothes – staples on my seams.  I’m invisible. But, then you look at me, and I melt.


Even though I think nobody is looking, I know he is. And because of that I want to do better, and be more creative, and push myself further. He makes me happy. :) And, I don’t have to worry if I’m boring, or if I’m wasting his time. He sees me. And… I see him, too.

This style is for all the small, little models like me. The ones happy to just even -be- here, wearing any dress on a runway and having a friggin’ BLAST doing it. For when our prims aren’t always perfect, for the moments we accidentally tp on stage, or walk off stage, or get stuck in a wall, or show up with a shoe up our asses or an earrings that magically hooked onto our noses. XD Being an underdog isn’t so bad when we have formed our own pack.

Thanks for making me laugh every, single day.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Vanity – Stradivarius HP Browns

Shirt: Osakki – Kural Collection – Riana * Lai

Belt: Fishy Strawberry – Geisha Leather Belt

Jewelry: Paper Couture – Ombre Pearls Set

Purse: Vive Nine – Charlotte Clutch in Taupe

Pants: TRAP – Hakama Bronze

Shoes: ALEIDA – Natalie croco pumps – milky