I’m eating grapes. Mmm. Nom. I wore this around earlier this week. Same thing “OMG! I HAD SO MUCH FUN WEARING IT!” and I really did. If I could have tried to cast for the BLVD show, I probably would have attempted this. But, I’d rehearsals for other shows today :) I think I am going to try to push to join another agency sometime soon. I’m so shy and I never know what to say or who to ask.

Maybe I’ll just stay in my prim house and play with clothes. Less people to judge that way.

Back to grapes — and this style card is for my Sabbie <3

Absinthe’s Style

Hair: Vanity – Uthopia HP browns

Hairband: TokiD – ruf ribon – brown flowers

Fur Stole: AOHARU – Classic Drape Suit – Fur Stole

Coat: COCO – CheckSwingCoat – Red

Shirt: LaGyo – Femme-Arina Shirt – Ivory

Belt: Mon Tissu – Seneca Threaded Leather Belt – Sable

Shorts: Bliss Basic – Tweed Baggy Pants (Midnight)

Boots: BAX – Prestige Boots – brown leather

Bag: House of Fox – Roman Bag (coco)

Gloves: 1A – Boss Tactics

Have funnnnn!

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