#33 — haha.. or something

Hello. I’m taking time out from styling what I have to style, to style what I want to style. I do love playing with colors, but I find that when there’s pressure added I always end up trying to please what I think other people want. I’ve decided to just be myself, to style from my heart, and to wear all the things that I WISH I could get away with RL.

I wore this out and about a little bit and it was, of course, toomuchfun. I still haven’t been but to the vintage fair but for 1 hour and to three stores. I’m going to try to go there tomorrow and stroll about and see what people are ranting and raving about. I need to not impulse by anymore, but make a list of things I think I can use by color, style, shape, and pattern and then a store. I’m starting my massive excel spreadsheet tomorrow. Yes. It’s a super geek move, however, it should give my credit card a break! I actually had to spend REAL LIFE PURSE MONEY on SL!

Now that’s crossing the damn line.


So let’s see. Updates about meeeeee. Well. I graduated from Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy this past Sunday. Yay! I haven’t taken my tag off yet and Sequoia Nightfire is an awesome teacher. This is definitely a class that I would sign up for, and if at all possible (no offense to the other instructors there), I think her class is well worth it. She’s very picky, and very strict… and exactly what I needed. Oh, and VERY KIND!!!

The Honey Badgers — my group of model friends –  are tearing up the runway going to castings and doing shows. I’m so proud of you guys and thank you for being my friend.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: tram – A817 / brown (Thanks Kera!)

Earrings – [ glow ] – Look At me Earrings Lila

Necklace -[ glow ] – The Nest Necklace

Fur – Mimikri – Fox Fur Stoel Fuchia

Shirt – MFW2012 – La Passion Violets – Modern Gypsy

Pants: MFW2012 – Osakki – FLOW Jumpsuit/ Phlox

Purse: Hawthorne – Nostalgia Clutch – taupe