#37 – Chocolate

I’m sick. :(


I love this dress because the texture is impeccable and its so simple. I decided to be daring yet again and paired it with bright red accents. The Fox fur stole is my new favorite thing in SL and I think I will wear it everyday until I see it around too often. Maybe it’s an old find, since I’m new to SL still and everything still seems new to me. Either way, I do love it. That nasty, dead, foxy thing — I’m a honey badger and probably killed it and wrapped it around my throat to accessorize. hee.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: booN – WMO003 – chocolate

Bow: BRB – accessory *ribbon coffee*

Earrings: NHA! – Suanne

Fur Stole: Fleshtone – FurSweater (shawl)

Fox Stole: Eclectica – Feral Fox fur – chocolate

Dress: CHANTKARE: Minimal Chic Dress

Purse: Indy & co – Snakeskin Clutch – Gold

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