#41 – kiss with a fist

I love R.icielli clothing. When I first started modeling I discovered their store by accident and I’ve been going back ever since as a key place to mix and match items. They seem to have everything you need and in every color. When I rant and rave about a store, it’s because I really really love it, and I have probably spent my own, hard earned money there.

I think I’ve given them at least 400 dollars by now. It’s a shame. But, I was putzings around and decided I wanted to look grungy. I wasn’t really aiming to go to R.icielli, but it started with the t-shirt, and the pants I already had. Then the belt and the shoes and an entire outfit? Yikes! And I swore to myself I wasn’t shopping anymore this week except for model school related homeworks. :\

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: MadDesigns – Tera – dark brown

Skull Tattoo: Lionskins- SKINHEAD 14

Earrings: P.C.: Studded gold circles earrings

Bracelets: *YS & YS*: Glow bangles GoldBlack

Shirt: R.icielli – Bambi top / nude

Pants: R.icielli – GEORGINA spiked leggings / black

Belt : – R. icielli – SPIKED belt / soft

Shoes: R. icielli – ARMADILLO shoes /


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