#48 – Dior and Lacroix

I’ve been given assignments to style after both and I feel in love. More with Dior than Lacroix, but I think it’s because Dior appears to be more feasible to do in SL than Lacroix. However, I’m always up for a challenge. The clothing that I wear mostly come from Miamai which is an amazing brand that dedicates it’s time to the extra-ordinary and avant garde fanatics.

I am definitely a fanatic.

Please enjoy!

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Hair: Vanity Hair – Hare – soil
Make up: La Malvada Mujer
Hot Pants: R.Icielli – JOANNE highwaist shorts
Jacket: Miamai – Morrighan
Boots: Miamai – Hiatus boots – Mermaid (MESH)
Thigh Highs: The secret store

Butt Ruffle: Morea Style – some random skirt (sorry!)
Pose: Del May

#47 – earth tones

I decided to dress in more earth tones today. The creation of this outfit started to be a tedious process, but as always things started to fall into place like a magnificent puzzle.  I abandoned color charts and instead went with -textures- Each item was chosen for its texture – twill, leather, crock, cotton and lace. The combination turned out to be something that I am absolutely in love with wearing, and will likely wear for an entire 24 hours until I get another itch to style something else. Each brands presented are absolutely fantastic. I don’t need to say more. Enjoy!

The boots are amazing. AMAZING! And there were 10 girls in Maitreya when I went to go buy them. So I snatched a red pair too, and my mind is brewing on a way to use them. Who doesn’t need red boots?

Absinthe’s Style

Hair: Vanity – The Blind Side – Dark browns
Earrings: Zaara – Sarayi hoops *wood*
Shirt: SMS – Victorial Blouse Tomato & Dark Cherry
Jacket: Celoe – Rossi Jacket – Kabul.M
Belt: Celoe – Rossi jacket – Thatch
Shorts: Bliss Basic – Tweed baggy Pants (sand)
Pants: *league* – zipped leather pants -red
Boots: Maitreya Mesh* – Radical Boots* Sienna Reptile (ooOOlala)
Purse: House of Fox – SteffaniLUXtote [Red]
Nails: MANDALA – Bangle/Brown – nail and ring

Poses: Delmay & Manifeste


Portfolio here: More about Absinthe

#46 – Warmth


I present today a mix of Ison, Boom, and Celoe. All items are ones that I rushed out to buy and yes, I have to put money on my credit card. This holiday season is proving to completely blow my SL budget! But, now that there’s a firestorm viewer that allows my vid card to see mesh without crashing, I’m going a bit crazy over it.

Please enjoy!

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Lelutka – YIPPIE – almost goth
Sunglasses: epoque – Cubism Shades – Neutral
Shirt: Wippet & Buck – Cole Boatnet Top – lonestar
Vest: ISON: Belted fur vest – caramel
Pants: Celoe – lolong.trousers – iroko
Shoes: BAX booties- Edina
bracelet: MANDALA – TAKARA bangle – brown
Nails: ::je::suis:: – naive nailpolish v.2 – browns

Thank you!


#45 – ANNA IS MVW !!!


I’d like to CONGRATULATE Anna Sapphire for being crowned MVW 2012! I am so very proud of her and all her accomplishments! I couldn’t have picked a better model teacher,indefinite mentor, inspiration, and big sis. Yay!!!!!

YOU DID IT! There is no person who is more beautiful inside and out, than she. :)

I believe this is one of Maitreya’s new mesh dresses. I happened on it accidentally and I am so in love with it. I’m also very in love with mesh and the new firestorm. This dress is textured to perfection and it just -feels- real on the Avie. I felt like a couture super model all day. The hair is from Truth – which is always a tried and true brand. This particular hair speaks to me, because it fits all avatar face shapes pretty well. I have to be careful with myself, because of how my shape is designed. So when I put this hair on, and “wow!” I bought it!

I’ve also finished my online portfolio which can be found here: http://absinthe.moonfruit.com/. Now to make my blog look more fashion marketable.


Hair: Truth – Helena – dark browns
Dress: Maitreya Mesh Nolita Dress – Seashell
Belt: .S H I – Pyton Waist Belt – red
Rings: LaGyo – shield rings silver/white

Pose: Del May – Grown Up!

Portfolio: http://absinthe.moonfruit.com/

#44 – geeky


Hair: booN – BDK113 hair – chocolate
Earrings: *BOOM* Pride (neutrals)
Top 1: [celoe ] – lyn cardigan mongoose
Top 2: *BOOM* Tamed Amika’s Hot Pink
Pants: VERO MODERO / Muge Sculpt Pants FloralG
Shoes: [e] Move Pumps – Nude
Ring: Donna Flora – MITA ring

#43 – Oscar de la renta

One evening my best friend Kera was showing me pictures of her favorite Oscar de la renta gowns, and so I decided that I’d surprise her by remaking one for her. I really really like recreating my own dresses. I feel it’s the best way to be original. Anybody can buy a dress, buy some gems, and then say they’ve “styled” something. But when I recreate my own clothes from mix n’ match bits and pieces, I feel really really original.

Also, I think I have an uncanny knack for it. :P

Nothing I am wearing is remotely “new” however I love all items the same. Thank you HoF for making such a wonderful skirt. I loooooove it and I love how it can carry so many colors for so many purposes. Thank you :)

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: Lelutka – YIPPIE – Dark Brunette (mesh)
Earrings: Morantique – LUSH/Milano earrings
Top: AOHARU – sheer lace tee – black (sleeves adjusted to lower arms)
Skirt: House of Fox – Cream Couture Dress (2 layers, died green, and each prim adjusted — tediously).
Ring: Donna Flora – MITA



#41 – kiss with a fist

I love R.icielli clothing. When I first started modeling I discovered their store by accident and I’ve been going back ever since as a key place to mix and match items. They seem to have everything you need and in every color. When I rant and rave about a store, it’s because I really really love it, and I have probably spent my own, hard earned money there.

I think I’ve given them at least 400 dollars by now. It’s a shame. But, I was putzings around and decided I wanted to look grungy. I wasn’t really aiming to go to R.icielli, but it started with the t-shirt, and the pants I already had. Then the belt and the shoes and an entire outfit? Yikes! And I swore to myself I wasn’t shopping anymore this week except for model school related homeworks. :\

Absinthe’s Style:

Hair: MadDesigns – Tera – dark brown

Skull Tattoo: Lionskins- SKINHEAD 14

Earrings: P.C.: Studded gold circles earrings

Bracelets: *YS & YS*: Glow bangles GoldBlack

Shirt: R.icielli – Bambi top / nude

Pants: R.icielli – GEORGINA spiked leggings / black

Belt : – R. icielli – SPIKED belt / soft

Shoes: R. icielli – ARMADILLO shoes /


#40 – another chapter opens


I love fashion first and foremost. I love colors and textures and creation. I love watching fashion shows, reading magazines, and getting dressed every morning for work. I love making something new from something old. Making people smile and go “wow.”  I love my brain.  My giant, creative, silly brain that enables me to see potential in the simplest of outfits.”These things can never be taken from me.  I started wanting to be a model in SL and to walk in a straight line down a runway.  Look what I’ve done in 4 months. A new chapter will begin.

Absinthe’s Style:

Hat: Lagyo – Propellers headpiece

Hair: tram – A817 hair / brown

Dress: Epoque – Latex Fin Dress – nude

Shoes: Epoque – Mesa Platforms – nude