#69 – Unbreakable

When I first saw this dress at maitreya it didn’t really catch my eye. I thought, “What would I do with a sack dress.” But then the more I thought about it, the more I had to have it. So I bought one and styled it up. :P No matter what bad news I get, or the rejection, or the people that try to shove me down there are things that can’t ever be taken away from me by anybody.

My clothes. My pose stand. My camera. My creativity. And I know the people who are here for simple fashion know exactly what I’m talking about <3 Thank you to all my beautiful, beautiful true friends. SL would just suck without you!

Absinthe’s Style!

Hair: CatwA – Amylee HairStyle/Darkbrown
Earrings: NHA! – Jade earrings
Necklace: LaGyo – Adriel necklace
Fur Vest: CheerNo – Miguel fur vest/brown
Dress: Maitreya mesh cul-de-Sac *Terra Cotta
Thigh highs:The Secret Store – Lace Knit Socks
Purse: fri.day – Dream.Catcher Bag (chocolate)
Boots: Leverocci – OTK Boots_Bark
Bracelet: Zaara – Ramya wood bangles
Make-up: hmaem – otero

Thank you!

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