Well. I had originally wanted to wear this styling to the Solidea fashion show on the grid yesterday, however I had a folder hiccup and spent my entire evening crashing and trying to to fix it. *Shakes her fist at SL* I had originally seen this dress on several blogs, but never so much in person and so I wasn’t so sure about rushing out to buy it. Low and behold, I am in love with this dress. I actually wanted to get something more vibrant, but considering my sullen mood yesterday the black and white version fit the bill.

I wear what I love, and this is love.

Absinthe’s style:
Hair: booN – KGI848 hair
Face mask: LaGyo – Floral Blind Mask – monochrome
Tattoos: AItui Tattoo & La Malvada Mujer
Dress: Solidea Folies – Mila Love Black&White
Liptstick: custom made for me :)
Nails: Je Suis
Model: hasn’t been happier!

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