#75 – mile marker

Everybody knows that I love .S H I clothing. It’s really no big secret. And when Joy released this outfit I was so jealous of the boys for getting something so cool to wear. There really isn’t anything like this for men on the grid, and so I decided I’d buy it and style it myself. I’ve been wearing this outfit for about 24 hours now, so to all my friends.  Sorry! Not changing for another 12! :P


Hair: bOON – GGL309 hair
Sunglasses: Miel Piolet Peepers
Vest: . S H I – Minimalist Trousers
Shirt: MOLiCHiNO – Sally Turtleneck – milk chocolate
Pants: . S H I – Minimalist Vest
Shoes: . S H I Sanguine Ankle Heel – Beige
Fanny Pack (lol): :SEY – Rabbit&Snake [Brown]
Arm Band: :SEY – Amber/Leather dark – gold& Silver – Xsmall
Gloves: [1A] Boss Tactics gloves – hues
Earring: bellballs essentials – stripped feather earring
Lipstick: [M] – Glossy/Matte Lips – Natural

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