Fashion for life – Hush Skins

I rarely like to take pictures of all colors of a skin. When I received a package from the Hush Skin designer (Hush Darkrose), I was already excited because I hadn’t heard of the brand before. But, once I opened and put on the Amy – Sultry Sage skin (yes, I always open my packages right away like it’s Christmas) I was really really surprised! These skins are so nice! I really think that! There’s several shades. I love the pale the best — it’s a nice creamy white undertone. Under the chin doesn’t have an extreme over shadow, the armpits look nice, the knees aren’t too dark. The shoulder blades are defined but not overly. Breast have appropriate shading. Nipples – check! AND the work on the ribs is quite nice as well.

So now I found my alternative skin for swimsuit season. :P See you on the beach!

Raw Image.

1. Creme 2. Cocoa 3. Caramel 4. Honey 5. Sugar (<3). I will be wearing the other skins sent to me in styling photos, but for this skin I couldn’t resist sharing it’s adorability.

Get more info about Fashion For Life here: Click Me!


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