#156 – New Bliss Couture: Ruffle collection

New ruffles collection out by Bliss Couture!


Absinthe’s Style:
Head Piece: Bliss Couture – Aradia Hat – Red (New!)
Make up: LpD
Hair: Vita’s – Waves Hair (New!)
Dress: Bliss Couture – Natalia dress – New!!
Earring: Mijn Botique – beasty chic (old Epoc Fair)
Poses: Del May

#155 – Bliss Couture for Ashraya

For more information about the Ashraya Project, click here!

Absinthe’s Style:
Head Piece: Bliss Couture – Florentine Hat – grape (NEW)
Face Tattoo: blackLiquid Makeup – Henna Bird Eyes (Ashraya)
Dress: Bliss Couture – Calima Sculpted dress (Ashraya)
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – Lata Mem (Ashraya)
Poses: Del May & Agapee

#154 – I’m FaMESHed!

I don’t know all the details yet, but apparently starting May 1st – the 20-something’th there’s going to be a place like TDR … but for mesh. And this place is called FaMESHed.  I definitely need to scurry around and find a LM, but I’ve been consumed with trying to keep up with the amount of blog items I’m receiving for Ashraya <33. This was a good break from that wonderful project, and now back to our regular programing. By the way, I am in love with this outfit and will wear it for the next 10 hours.

Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Dura – Girl*32
Head Piece: Vita’s – telephone hat
Eye-make upFace moles: Mystic Canvas – Alexia eyeshadow &  Face moles – Medium Tone, Heavy Spread1 (New!)
Cape: Mimikri – Helena Cape – Charcoal
Dress: NYU – FaMESHed Exclusive Dress (NEW!!!)
Belt: Fishy Strawberry – Tied Big Belt – black
Nails: blackLiquid Makeup – henna nails (Ashraya)
Shoes: Imbue – Wooden Pumps – Zebra (NEW!!)
Poses: Del May and Pose Sinfully  —– 21 new runway poses !

#153 – Prism for Ashraya

For more about the Ashraya Project, please click here! Also, I want to give Mystic Canvas a shout out. She’s coming out with more and more creative make-ups (and I’m getting to help design some!). So if you dare to be unique, swing by her store. She’s got a new line of freckles, multiple face/full body mole tattoo layers, and etc to help your avie be unique. ^.~
Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – Karla (Ashraya Project!)
Head Piece 1: Bliss Couture – 2012 Beatrice Hat – Noir (New!)
Head Piece 2: Vita’s – Ancient Crown (tinted pink)
Dress: Prism – Sequoia Outfit (Ashraya Project!)
Earrings: BellsBalls – Dangling Disc Earrings – Salmon
Necklace: LWL – Terrarium (cactus (NEW!)
Eye Shadow: Mystic Canvus – Cyber Liner (NEW!!)
Lipstick: blackLiquid Makeup- Henna Lips(Ashraya Project)
Nails: blackLiquid Make-up – Henna Nails (Ashraya Project)
Arm tattoo: Loovus Dzevavor – Henna Beauty 2 (Ashraya Project)
Purse: House of Fox – OnyxClutch – Pink
Poses: DelMay

#151 – Ashraya: Color me bad

For more information on the Ashraya project, click HERE!

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – Baiksatara (Ashraya Project)
Earrings: Kunglers Extra – Peakcock earrings (Ashraya Project)
Eye Henna – blackLiquid Makeup – Henna Eyes (Ashraya Project)
Lipstick: Piddidle
Shirt: Nemesis – Magic top black
Dress: Loovus Dzevavor – Pickant Mini- Bird (Ashraya Project)
Belt: DIRAM: apart of some outfit (sorry!)

#150 – Ashraya: Bugaro

For information on the Ashraya project, please click  — here –.  :)  I have some moments that I call “little breakthroughs” and they’re probably very mediocre to everybody else, but for me they make all the time I spend on SL worth it. I am quite fond of high fashion magazines. I remember creating scrap books of styles I loved with my mother, and then running around places to create similar looks when I was smaller. I’d like to think of my blog as my own kind of magazine where each style has it’s own little story and a secret key that knows how to make me smile. I think that I’ve settled on the appearance of myself in SL, and once again I feel beautiful here. Hopefully this a reflection of who I am on the inside.

Thank you – xoxo

Absinthe’s Blog
Hair: Truth – Savina (Mesh)
Hair piece: h.m.a.e.m – Madhumita head piece (Ashraya)
Dress: Bugaro – Maison de Couture (Ashraya)
Henna: [D&B] – Henna Gloves
Earrings and necklace: Apart of Bugarodress
Make up: Ricielli and cheap make-up

#148 Ashraya : Alieda Gown

For more information about the Ashraya project, please click here.   Starts May 5th! Also to see larger versions of my photos, you can click my flickr page which has a tab above my entries. :) I appreciate all your support and kindness.

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: UrbanLutz Hair – India (Ashraya Project)
Dress: Aleida – Siobhan gown (Ashraya Project)
Hair Flower: Comes with Siobhan gown
Shrug: Mimikri – Zazie Shrug -thistle
Poses: Del May
Mdoel: Sleeeeepy! -.-ZzZz

#147 – Ashraya Project: AD and LD


My blog will most likely be featuring exclusive items and designs that are being donated for the Ashraya project. Curious about it? Click HERE! for more info. But for the skinny, ” India which operates with the purpose of providing aid to Indian children in need and abused women through the implementation of various projects.”  This is a project that the current MVW Anna Sapphire is organizing and I am SO VERY PROUD OF HER! I’m also honored to be blogging for this event!

When does it start? May 5th!  So get ready!

I was also inspired by CoCo Chanel’s May ad for this color combo. Duh.

Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Loovus Dzevavor – Lata Mem (Ashraya fair)
Hair Piece: LaGyo – Laneous pom headpiece
Sunglasses: Epoque – oversized shades – loud
Gloves: LaGyo – Zarema Gloves croco Banana cream
Dress: [AD] – Andrew Female (Ashraya Fair)
Tights: Mimikri – Holly tights
Shoes: Faster Pussycat – Neo Geisha Revolution gold
Lipstick: Mystic Canvas –  Graffitti Lipstick
Poses: Di’s Opera & LM