#150 – Ashraya: Bugaro

For information on the Ashraya project, please click  — here –.  :)  I have some moments that I call “little breakthroughs” and they’re probably very mediocre to everybody else, but for me they make all the time I spend on SL worth it. I am quite fond of high fashion magazines. I remember creating scrap books of styles I loved with my mother, and then running around places to create similar looks when I was smaller. I’d like to think of my blog as my own kind of magazine where each style has it’s own little story and a secret key that knows how to make me smile. I think that I’ve settled on the appearance of myself in SL, and once again I feel beautiful here. Hopefully this a reflection of who I am on the inside.

Thank you – xoxo

Absinthe’s Blog
Hair: Truth – Savina (Mesh)
Hair piece: h.m.a.e.m – Madhumita head piece (Ashraya)
Dress: Bugaro – Maison de Couture (Ashraya)
Henna: [D&B] – Henna Gloves
Earrings and necklace: Apart of Bugarodress
Make up: Ricielli and cheap make-up

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