#180 – All for Ashraya :)

I decided not to post each of these on my flicker because I didn’t think the photography was spectacular, but the stylings were simple and for the purpose of promoting Ashraya. If you haven’t been, please go! :)

Absinthe’s Style
Hat: sYs- ALCANE – Sunglasses – Blue
Dress: sYs – Babylon – dress mesh (electric blue)
Gloves: [1A] – Schock touch gloves – greys
Eyeliner: Mystic Canvas – Cyber liner

Hat: Vanity Hair – Valerie Browns
Sunglasses: LaGyo – Bozena sunglasses – sherbert
Dress: AlaFolie – Mademoiselle  (Ashraya)

Absinthe’s Style
Headband: BenS beauty – Gorgeous Hairband
Make-up: LpD
Kimono – Desir Hope Kuro Tomesode (Ashraya)

Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Shag – Pussy Galore
Make-up: Mijn Botique
Dress: NYU – Ashraya Exclusive Dress
Purse: Mijn Botique – Neon Clutch – Pink
Belt: Baiastice – Dita Corset belt


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