#211 – Labyrinth

I grew up watching this amazing fairy tale that had to do with goblins, a wicked (also terribly hot) king, the unusual princess, and a giant labyrinth full of tricks and surprises. So for the theme of these gowns I was given for the Fairy Tales event happening in Second Life, I’ve gone back to my roots.  Cheers to you David Bowie — you’ll always be my cunning King. :)

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: booN – KBO906 – new
Cloak: Enchanted Cloak (Bibbity Bobbity Blue) – new
Dress: Enchanted Gown (Bibbity Bobbity Blue) – new
Mask: ContraptioN – The Two Eyed
Necklace: Kunglers: Phoenix air -new
Poses: del may * miamai

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