#147 School Days

This outfit reminds me of something I’d wear to school. I wear reading glasses RL. A pair of Dolce & Gabbana frames that resemble these. If I weren’t in love with eyeliners and eye shadows I’d have my AV wear glasses more often :P Normally when I’m running around SL doing agency work I do have them on just because they feel more me. These glasses were created by my good friend Francisc Guardian and can be found here.  Also! NEW sunglasses are coming out tomorrow!

Also, my friend Kallisto Destiny has some new mesh tops coming out in her store Drift. ^.^!! yay! I love what she’s done with mesh lately and I’m so proud of how hard she works and her designs. Great job girl! Go go go!  Taxi to her store – here

Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Lelutka – Swish bun
Glasses: -FG- Protect (new)
Necklace: hmaem – Petra necklace (new)
Top: Drift – Serengeti Top – Buffalo Brown (new)
Pants: La Penderie de Nicole – My Highwaist slacks – charcoal
Watch: Mandala – HOKUSAI bracelet – brown
Purse: Tokidoki – Stumble Bag -gray-
Pose: Ricielli
Model: Blessed :)


#146 – Fran and Marco

So, I survived the hurricane! Yay! And when I logged in today, I was greeted by the most wonderful news. Firstly, my good friend Francisc Guardian has taken to making sunglasses on SL! Yay! He’s a great mesh designer and has built many things for  me over the past year. He’s also married to my BEST SL friend ever. So it’s really an honor for me to blog for him. You can find his sunglasses here.

Also, I was able to talk to Marcopol Oh today. He’s so nice and so giving. I’m very excited to be blogging some of his wonderful designs as well. ^.^ The story behind the name of his store has meaning and is very touching, and I’m thankful he shared it with me today. So cheers to his new store! I look forward to his future creations! Here is your Taxi! (Also, I have a mega crush  on his flickr. e.e)

Hair: Lelutka – CACHET hair – pony
Sunglasses: Francisc Guardian – Infinity – White (new!)
Top: La Petite de Nicole – My Black Tulip Tank – v.1 (new!)
Pants: One bad Pixel – Skinny Leathers – Red
Purse: La Penderie de Nicole – My Sequin Clutch (new!)
Bracelets: Superbia – leather armbands
Shoes: Diktator – DARE horseshoe sandals – blk&white
Poses: del may

home sweet home: Fall 2012 – Bedroom

I really enjoyed taking these pictures. They took a mind number long time to take. I’m so used to just snapping a screen shot and then going to town with photo. But for once I spent time on a different aspect of the photo taking process. This has also inspired me to whip out my D40 and maybe restart my RL photography hobby again :)  This is my new bedroom. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

3 more rooms to go!

Absinthe’s Home: Fall 2012 Bedroom

Desk & Shelves: The Loft
Floor books: TA
Office Decor: DAHaus
Wall Shelfing – *~MMG’s~* – Coffee
Chair: The loft
Plant: DAHaus
Pillows: iTuTu
Lamp: UrbandizeD
Rug: iTuTu
Bed: The Loft
Lamps: Bazaar – Roya House – tinted red
Rug: Bazaar – Roya House – fur rug
Painting: Fab Pads
Statues: LISP
Dresser: DIGS
Desk Decor: Roya House, TA, ARIA
Record Player: LISP
Bug Art: JJ Lanes
Cats: Gifts from all my friends lol

home sweet home: Fall 2012 – Kitchen

Hello friends :) If there’s anybody out there at all. I’ve decided to take a little break from styling clothing to try my hand at interior decorating. Let’s just say that 3250 prims is NOT enough! I still have so many spaces to work on and I’m now trying to be prim-wise. Ha! Perhaps it’s about time I get a sim or something. Anyway, I’m making a small catalog of a home by Ria Bazaar. Love her houses and this one has been out for a while. Rumor has it, she’s going to release a new house in Sept! So I’ll have to restart all over again :) For the purpose of these up and coming posts, I cannot list where I got every single object, but I will do my best to list main pieces and stores.

Absinthe’s House: Fall 2012

Wall Shelves: The Loft
Food, Pots, Pans, Knick-knacks- The loft, Dutchie, *~MMG’s~*, What’s Next!
Fruit Basket: Home Depoz
Rug: The Loft
Fridge: The Loft (Tinted)
Orange Table: Bazaar Homes (tinted)
Chairs & Table: The loft
Lamp: DIGS
Kitchen model & outside seating – Bazaar Homes (retinted, textured)
Plant: Headhunter’s Island
Photographer: Padawan Absinthe

#144 – Solace

Second life never ceases to amaze me, and I’m so very thankful that I found this artistic outlet when I did. I’m still disappointed in the behavior of some people, especially in how they treat each other and how they treat me. It’s always disappointing to realize that somebody who you thought was your friend and confidant really isn’t. I trust so few people and put effort and time in even less. In a social arena where all we have is our words, the weight of what we say and how we say it can be 10 times more damaging. :\ It’s always hard having that sudden realization that the person you cared dearly for is no longer on your side. Without explanation. Without a reason. Just a cold shoulder and sketchy behavior that can only be described as jealousy. I’ve learned that jealousy makes people act in irrational and cruel ways. I’ve learned that people in “power” who feel threatened by you, will put their thumb on your skull to try to keep you down irregardless of never having done anything to them. But, I have a trick. A beautiful, wonderful trick.

See. At the end of the evening, when I have finished dressing up my doll and playing in photo shop;  after I have run around sims as a mesh cat, and have chatted with all my true sl friends… I can turn this game off. Oh yes. And when I turn this off, I have a life that’s  more rewarding and equally as pleasing  as the one on this game. I make real world differences and help save real lives. I volunteer and help people in suffering with my dedicated time and passion. I have absolutely no qualms and complaints about my reality, and second life is a wonderful hobby and social network for myself. I have my health, my running, and my rl relationship. I’m still vulnerable to people who pray on my innocence, however my feelings won’t stay hurt for long.  I will keep growing, and exploring, and developing my skill here for fun! I will keep dressing up my avatar and cursing wind light settings. I will still shop until my heart’s desire, laugh until I cry, and sing horribly on voice to the tunes of Franklee — all without you.  Because in the end, perhaps you weren’t so important to me after all.

Sincerely, Absinthe


Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Tuty’s – cute bun
Hat & Fur: Ezra – Dragoness (Sidney Fashion Week)
Dress: Solida Folies – Candida
Poses: Del May
Model: Disheartened, but healing

#143 – On the go

More vintage fair items :)

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Truth – Odette extension
Hat: Glam Affair – Lisanna Hat – black
Earrings & Necklace – Donna Flora – Princess cream set
Sunglasses: Leverocci (discontinued)
Dress: : ) BCC – Cherie dress – peace (Vintage Fair)
Glove: COCO – Long gloves – black
Tights: -tb- – Tights & thigh highs
Shoes: Leverocci – Mary Janes Pumps – Sand
Hat Box: Le Poppy cock – Ballad
Poses: Glitterati