#144 – Solace

Second life never ceases to amaze me, and I’m so very thankful that I found this artistic outlet when I did. I’m still disappointed in the behavior of some people, especially in how they treat each other and how they treat me. It’s always disappointing to realize that somebody who you thought was your friend and confidant really isn’t. I trust so few people and put effort and time in even less. In a social arena where all we have is our words, the weight of what we say and how we say it can be 10 times more damaging. :\ It’s always hard having that sudden realization that the person you cared dearly for is no longer on your side. Without explanation. Without a reason. Just a cold shoulder and sketchy behavior that can only be described as jealousy. I’ve learned that jealousy makes people act in irrational and cruel ways. I’ve learned that people in “power” who feel threatened by you, will put their thumb on your skull to try to keep you down irregardless of never having done anything to them. But, I have a trick. A beautiful, wonderful trick.

See. At the end of the evening, when I have finished dressing up my doll and playing in photo shop;  after I have run around sims as a mesh cat, and have chatted with all my true sl friends… I can turn this game off. Oh yes. And when I turn this off, I have a life that’s  more rewarding and equally as pleasing  as the one on this game. I make real world differences and help save real lives. I volunteer and help people in suffering with my dedicated time and passion. I have absolutely no qualms and complaints about my reality, and second life is a wonderful hobby and social network for myself. I have my health, my running, and my rl relationship. I’m still vulnerable to people who pray on my innocence, however my feelings won’t stay hurt for long.  I will keep growing, and exploring, and developing my skill here for fun! I will keep dressing up my avatar and cursing wind light settings. I will still shop until my heart’s desire, laugh until I cry, and sing horribly on voice to the tunes of Franklee — all without you.  Because in the end, perhaps you weren’t so important to me after all.

Sincerely, Absinthe


Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Tuty’s – cute bun
Hat & Fur: Ezra – Dragoness (Sidney Fashion Week)
Dress: Solida Folies – Candida
Poses: Del May
Model: Disheartened, but healing

One thought on “#144 – Solace

  1. You know Sin? You could be my kindred twin. I agree with everything you have said. <3 Keep strong and have fun, thats all that matters in the imaginary fishbowl of SL. xo

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