home sweet home: Fall 2012 – Kitchen

Hello friends :) If there’s anybody out there at all. I’ve decided to take a little break from styling clothing to try my hand at interior decorating. Let’s just say that 3250 prims is NOT enough! I still have so many spaces to work on and I’m now trying to be prim-wise. Ha! Perhaps it’s about time I get a sim or something. Anyway, I’m making a small catalog of a home by Ria Bazaar. Love her houses and this one has been out for a while. Rumor has it, she’s going to release a new house in Sept! So I’ll have to restart all over again :) For the purpose of these up and coming posts, I cannot list where I got every single object, but I will do my best to list main pieces and stores.

Absinthe’s House: Fall 2012

Wall Shelves: The Loft
Food, Pots, Pans, Knick-knacks- The loft, Dutchie, *~MMG’s~*, What’s Next!
Fruit Basket: Home Depoz
Rug: The Loft
Fridge: The Loft (Tinted)
Orange Table: Bazaar Homes (tinted)
Chairs & Table: The loft
Lamp: DIGS
Kitchen model & outside seating – Bazaar Homes (retinted, textured)
Plant: Headhunter’s Island
Photographer: Padawan Absinthe

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