home sweet home: Fall 2012 – Bedroom

I really enjoyed taking these pictures. They took a mind number long time to take. I’m so used to just snapping a screen shot and then going to town with photo. But for once I spent time on a different aspect of the photo taking process. This has also inspired me to whip out my D40 and maybe restart my RL photography hobby again :)  This is my new bedroom. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

3 more rooms to go!

Absinthe’s Home: Fall 2012 Bedroom

Desk & Shelves: The Loft
Floor books: TA
Office Decor: DAHaus
Wall Shelfing – *~MMG’s~* – Coffee
Chair: The loft
Plant: DAHaus
Pillows: iTuTu
Lamp: UrbandizeD
Rug: iTuTu
Bed: The Loft
Lamps: Bazaar – Roya House – tinted red
Rug: Bazaar – Roya House – fur rug
Painting: Fab Pads
Statues: LISP
Dresser: DIGS
Desk Decor: Roya House, TA, ARIA
Record Player: LISP
Bug Art: JJ Lanes
Cats: Gifts from all my friends lol

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