#154 – Oriental Red

Kalli was kind enough to give me this new coat she designed as a prerelease \o/.  I was so excited that I just had to style it right away. I’m a bit sleepy and at a loss for words. This is a picture based fashion blog anyway, so good night :P


Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Tukinowaguma – Serene
Hair bits: La Malvada Mujer – Persiguiendo el Dragon
Make up: La Malvada Mujer, Kooqula (Couturier docks)
Coat: Drift – Oriental Red (new!)
Bear: LWL – Beast Shrug – Wildcats black
Shoes: Fanatik – armadillo shoes
Pose: Del May

#153 – Charlie Brown


Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Lelutka – Rykel
Sunglasses: FG – Sinner – yellow (La’ Accessories new!)
Shirt: [Pink] – Bella Camicetta – Paradise green
Jump Suit – Ricielli – Papi Jumpsuit – ethnicfresh
Tights: Montissu
Gloves: Leezu – nif nif gloves – yellow
Bracelets: [AB] – Dubai bangles and Kumlatta bangles
Shoes: Miamai – Lily – Sunglow Satin (La Accessories)
Pose: Focus


#151 – Loved and lost

Love the song Take Care by Drake. :) Puts me in one of those moods.  Also AVENUE’s magazine has been published this month, so please see some of the great features. One of my best online friends Vikeejeah is featured. Yay!! I’m so proud of her, and her store, and her accomplishments :)!   So read up if you are interested!  Though I love the formatting of this blog, I think the size of the pictures is limiting, so I am going to make a change in the near future. For now, I sleep. ZzZzz

Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Exile: Jaela
Earring: NHA! – Aileen (closed)
Necklace: h.m.a.e.m – Queen’s Collar (Couturier Docks new!)
Make-up: Kooqla
Jumper: Lush*Limited: Loose Romper (Safari) (new!)
Bracelet: GOTZSCHE – Plated cuff (Past La’Accessory)
Shoes: HANDverk – Rose pump – butter
Pose: Focus Poses
Chair: DAHaus – Plexus Chair – (<333 you Dae and Cerrie!)

#151 – Appreciation for the things you have

Some of you may not know, but in RL I am a doctor and I care for patients who have HIV/AIDs. It’s a very rewarding job, but sometimes it’s also heart breaking for me. Today I had a patient who confessed he was living out of his office and sleeping in a sleeping bag. He was sending the majority of his social security check to his mother to care for her, and therefore couldn’t afford food on a daily basis. He also couldn’t afford his medications and that was why his viral load had gone sky high and his CD4 count had depleted to 3 cells/ml.

:( !!!!

Yet he could sit in my office today with a smile on his face and light shining from his eyes, and he said to me.. “At least I am alive. I’m here to live another day, and you have made me happy.”

And how could I not cry? Cry because he said something so kind to me, or cry for how ashamed I am about some of the things I have made “important” in my life. And then feel sorry for the small, petty indecencies that are committed toward one another online and offline. In the grand scheme of things, can you wake up and smile and say.. “At least I’m alive?”

If not, then I suggest you take some time. I will be.

Thanks for listening,
Absinthe (sinontherocks)


Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Truth – Froukje
Glasses: Miel – Genius peepers
Hat: Baoba – Miss Paint Black – Couturier’s Dock
Necklace: LaGyo – Victory Necklace
Sweater: -tb- Preppy Sweater w/Blouse – black (Collabor88)
Skirt: La Penderie de Nicole ::my pleated skirt:: Scales (new!)
Tights: Mon Tissu
Shoes: NX – Nardcotix Zoe Platform – Monochrome (new!)
Bag: Rustica – Bitch. mesh purse
Pose: Glitterati

OGlam Casting!

One of the first model agency’s that ever really gave me a chance was Outrageous Glamor. At the time I don’t know what Vixie and Matt saw in me, but they gave me a chance and provided many opportunities for me to do print and runway through them. So if people wonder why I am particularly loyal, defensive, and optimistic about OGlam, this is why. Not only that, I think the staff is so kind and they really do look out for the best interest of their models. So this is an agency that I will never leave, but will have to get pushed out with my nails dragging on the floor. <33 Linda is so wonderful to all the models and let’s us know we’re appreciated. Josiah is so creative and outgoing, and he has such a great eye for ads, and fashion, and concepts.

So yes. I am thankful and proud to be an OGlam Model. :) I’m not in many agencies in SL and I don’t believe in collecting them to make myself feel good.  Modeling should be about quality, not quantity and I think there’s plenty of quality at OGlam!   <333 you guys.

OGlam Presents :OGlam Model Search 2012!!!!!
Outrageous Glamour Agency is one of SL’s fashion industry leaders in runway and print modeling. Our Goal is to provide excellent service to the many great fashion designers and creators in SL.

OGlam is looking for models that have a unique and fresh perspective in styling, with a great sense of professionalism and personality. This casting is the first ever casting of its kind for OGlam and we are excited to have you participate.

Casting Details:
I.  Models will submit 2 pictures (1024×1024) showcasing their best styling in Fall/Winter Theme with Resume to Josiahlee Resident.

II. Fill out completed OGlam Casting Application:
<a href=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGtCanFKYWtEWl9IRE1IX1ZOTmJmb3c6MQ#gid=0&#8243; rel=”nofollow”>docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGtCanFKYWtE…</a>

no later than September 30th, 2012 to JosiahLee Resident.

III. Models selected from the photos will be asked to join us for a live runway casting on October 7th 2012 or October 14th 2012.

IV. Models asked to continue past the live castings will be asked to attend a Casting Interview held on October 21st, 2012.

V.. The selected models will be notified during the weekend of OGlam’s 3 year Anniversary weekend October 26-28th.

If you have any questions regarding the information listed above, contact Josiahlee Resident or visit our website for details..

OGlam Management
Cindy Gedenspire, Executive Director, OGlam Inc – cindygedenspire@gmail.com
Vixie Rayna, Chief Marketing Officer, OGlam Inc – vixie.rayna@gmail.com
JosiahLee Baxter, Chief Productions Officer, OGlam Inc – josiahbaxter@gmail.com
Linda Reddevil, Chief Operating Officer, OGlam Inc – lindareddevil@gmail.com
Matteo Bettencourt, Chief Executive Officer, OGlam Inc -matteobettencourt@gmail.com
<a href=”http://www.oglamagency.com&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>www.oglamagency.com</a>

#150 – Clemmy’s present

One of my Godiva treats, Clem has made a fabulous new body suit from SCRATCH! And it’s her very first clothing! And! And! I am so very very proud of her. Congrat’s Clemmy and I hope you continue to create more beautiful things <3

Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Tuty’s – Adorable Updo hairstyle
Body suit: Clemmm – Obscuro Bodysuit (Coming soon!)
Tights: House of Fox – leather thigh highs
Shoes: Diktator – Posh (Green)
Prop: BSD Design Studio – Tree Table (babychampagne sass)
Pose: Del May


#148 – Loovus Dzevavor

Vikee is one of my best friends on SL, and her new store will be opening up again in 4 days with her new Indigenous collection out on the racks! Stay tuned!


Absinthe’s Style
Hair: Vanity – Gala
Earrings: Mandala – leather feather earrings – orange
Bracelets: [AB] – Dubai bangles & Kumlatta bangles
Ring: JCNY – engagement ring
Dress: Loovus Dzevavaor – Day 2 Nite Wrap dress – Roast
Lipgloss: Loovus Dzevavor – Sucker Pucker – blackberry
Poses: Del May