#165 – Catching up!

So much to do and so little time. AVENUE is hiring for the Designer Liaison, so if you’re interested please contact Amazon Silverweb.   Also, don’t forget that CINQUE ends the middle of this month, so go get those exclusive items. :)  I’ll be rethinking my blog style, photography, and maybe including some different things after Christmas. Thank you for your support!




Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: *booN – BOTA76 – chocolate
Top: LWL – Ava Gown -Wings (CINQUE)
Pants: NYU – Debut, Hi-Waist Pants – Black
Gloves: Leezu – nifnif gloves
Sunglasses: Guardian’s – Infinity
Purse: Babychampagne Sass – Clutch
Pose: Diesel Works

#164 – Marco’s Twizzler

Have I ever said how much I love Marco? He’s just one of the kindest, most sweet hearted, and open minded designers in SL. I’m so happy he’s embarked on this journey and is taking me along for the ride.  (Not to mention his photography makes me orgasm. TMI!!!) <3 Absi


Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: DeLa – Hanna Dark
Dress: La Penderie de Nicole – My Twizzler Dress (coming soon! check out the back)
Rings: BenSbeauty – Melissa Ring – Gold Yellow
Tights: Mon Tissu – Favorite Wool Tights, Leezu – Cat Tights/red
Purse: Ricielli – Yuse Bag – violet
Pose: Diesel Works