00179 – Comfortable

I feel constrained. I feel like my creativity is being contained by the power of my computer. I can’t… do what I want to do. Every photo is a fight. Every turn of the camera is drastic jump from the angle I want. Every blur, shadow, increase in effect makes my cpu want to scream and break in half. I’m ready to go to the next step. I’ve been ready to grow and learn about virtual photography. Granted, this won’t get me anywhere with my real life. In fact, this is quite the opposite of my real life. This is, however, an outlet. An escape and a way for me to be creative. He’s going to teach me machinima and then I hope I can help and teach other people.  I just need to get to that next step.

So, today I will buy a new computer with the help of my Obiwan.  He’s building it for me and I am anxiously pestering him in IMs about this mega-fucking-computer that’s being created.  Until then, my computer can only handle simple pictures, so here they are.

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: booN – SCO052 Hair (new!)
Top: coldLogic – taylor.champagne
Scarf: *COCO* – FurTippet&Pearls
Pants: *COCO* Tapered Pants
Gloves: Baiastice – Leather short gloves
Earrings: Donna Flora – Paradise b/w
Bag: House of Fox – SteffaniLUXTote
Shoes: Baiastice – Damasamba
Poses: marukin

00177- AVENUE Magazine Dec ’12, Couture Clash

I had the honor of working with Louise for her Couture Clash section for December issue. At first I was a bit apprehensive because I hadn’t taken pictures of -other people- for the mag yet, let alone done something to this magnitude. I always accept challenges, but I must say I do ease into it cautiously. I’m so thankful for their feedback, coaching, and support for this project. <33 Thanks AVENUE family.

Details: AVENUE Magazine: Couture Clash | Pg 61

00176 – Theatrics

Meh. Photoraphy. Meh. :\ Maybe tomorrow will be better.

120812 something new

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: !lamb. – Ambrosia
Make-up: Les Petite Details (old Couture Docks)
Earrings & Necklace – h.m.a.e.m – ethnic
Fur: Les Petite Details – boho girl
Top: h.m.a.e.m – mohair
Skirt: h.m.a.e.m – woolace skirt
Gloves: Drift – Cozy Armwarmers
Boots: Baiastice – Knee Platform boots
Poses: ricielli

00175 For Maxi

So. I was tooling around SL tonight doing nothing (trust me, I have plenty to be doing), but I was feeling generally unmotivated about everything. Photography. Editing. Styling. I’m working on a project with my alt, and I’m really starting to dig her. So tonight I had to resist going over there to do a few things on this name.  Then low and behold, Miss Maxi Gossamer sends me gifts <33!! Yay! And then, I became inspired, because I loved what she sent so much.  Also, Atila then gave me some shoes to match. :O It was really like Christmas today and I am very thankful. I was also inspired to work on a few techniques my Obiwan taught me — and let’s just say 2 weeks later I think I’m BARELY getting the hang of this. But, I am a stubborn and persistent woman, and so I won’t quit until I get it down.

One day at a time. :)

Absinthe’s style
Fur hat & Scarf: Maxi Gossamer – Baboushka (Collabor88 new!)
Bracelet: Shi – Mother of Pearl (With love hunt!)
Shoes: Cliche – Citta heels by Atila Blackmountain (new!)

#173 – West Side Girls

Treat people how you want to be treated.

xoxo – Absi.





120112 west streets b


Absinthe’s Style:
Hat: sYs – Kazakh cap (with love hunt)
Collar: Drift – Chic Collar
Necklaces: Glow Studio – With love from — (with love hunt)
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer
Jacket: COCO – BikerJacket (new)
Dress: Baiastice – Syl Mesh dress (with love hunt)
Purse: JD – Hearty clutch bag (with love hunt)
Tights: Osakki + Mon Tissu
Thigh highs: Izzies – Overknee socks
Boots: Charlie Boots by Ju Weissnicht (new)
Shades: Swallow – Metropolis Shades (new)
Pose: Miamai and Ricielli