00175 For Maxi

So. I was tooling around SL tonight doing nothing (trust me, I have plenty to be doing), but I was feeling generally unmotivated about everything. Photography. Editing. Styling. I’m working on a project with my alt, and I’m really starting to dig her. So tonight I had to resist going over there to do a few things on this name.  Then low and behold, Miss Maxi Gossamer sends me gifts <33!! Yay! And then, I became inspired, because I loved what she sent so much.  Also, Atila then gave me some shoes to match. :O It was really like Christmas today and I am very thankful. I was also inspired to work on a few techniques my Obiwan taught me — and let’s just say 2 weeks later I think I’m BARELY getting the hang of this. But, I am a stubborn and persistent woman, and so I won’t quit until I get it down.

One day at a time. :)

Absinthe’s style
Fur hat & Scarf: Maxi Gossamer – Baboushka (Collabor88 new!)
Bracelet: Shi – Mother of Pearl (With love hunt!)
Shoes: Cliche – Citta heels by Atila Blackmountain (new!)

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