00179 – Comfortable

I feel constrained. I feel like my creativity is being contained by the power of my computer. I can’t… do what I want to do. Every photo is a fight. Every turn of the camera is drastic jump from the angle I want. Every blur, shadow, increase in effect makes my cpu want to scream and break in half. I’m ready to go to the next step. I’ve been ready to grow and learn about virtual photography. Granted, this won’t get me anywhere with my real life. In fact, this is quite the opposite of my real life. This is, however, an outlet. An escape and a way for me to be creative. He’s going to teach me machinima and then I hope I can help and teach other people.  I just need to get to that next step.

So, today I will buy a new computer with the help of my Obiwan.  He’s building it for me and I am anxiously pestering him in IMs about this mega-fucking-computer that’s being created.  Until then, my computer can only handle simple pictures, so here they are.

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: booN – SCO052 Hair (new!)
Top: coldLogic – taylor.champagne
Scarf: *COCO* – FurTippet&Pearls
Pants: *COCO* Tapered Pants
Gloves: Baiastice – Leather short gloves
Earrings: Donna Flora – Paradise b/w
Bag: House of Fox – SteffaniLUXTote
Shoes: Baiastice – Damasamba
Poses: marukin

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