Good Luck!

Hi :)

I haven’t been able to blog as I normally have due to my laptop melting on the inside. Luckily I’ve gotten a new computer that will be coming any day now, and I’m literally bursting at the seams. \o/  And, and, Vixie bought me the cutest bunny! I cannot stop holding it and I’ve named it “Cotton Ball.” <3 But, on a more important note, I wanted to wish all the models/bloggers/stylists who have decided to participate in the AVENUE Spring 2013 Casting the BEST OF LUCK. I was so inspired by all the styles and gorgeous baroque outfits that I decided to make another one for myself!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. You all are talented, beautiful, and amazing. :) When I first started to model, I sent in pictures for the last AVENUE Casting. I didn’t even make it to the live audition. I was so heart broken and I remember thinking to myself, “Alright then. I’ll just have to do better.” I remember going to the live audition and after I saw all the amazing people on stage I knew that I wasn’t ready at that time. But, I promised myself the next time that I would be. I’m so proud of everybody for having the guts and the creativity!  I’m so proud of AVENUE and everybody I work with! So thank you and good luck!  —  If you need a hug I’m here :)

Style Card: Hair by Lelutka,  Hat by Lagyo, Jacket by Mimikri, Necklace by Donna Flora, Corset by Ison, Skirt by Baiastice, Bunny — idk but from Vixie <33 and it’s mines.