00212 – A new dawn

I’ll be posting pictures the way I want. How I feel. I’ll be taking pictures because I want to. Because I am inspired, and because I have control over who I shoot for, when I shoot, how long I shoot, what I shoot. Second Life is for myself and pure creativity at this point. I thank all the designers who’ve stuck by me as I’ve fallen out of the loop, and I hope to slowly work my way around. I have many huge things I’m preparing for this fall season, and won’t be online much due to my urgent need to study like a maniac.  lol! but, i really wanted to take pictures today. I’m glad I did.

Absinthe’s Style
Skin: The Skinnery – Zyra – Zephir (Designer United 5 fair) new!
Hair: Tuty’s Mathilda Bob Hair
Chocker: Olive – The Twigs a Chocking Collars (UD5 Fair) new!
Necklace: Kunglers – Naga – (L’Accessoires) new!
Dress: Maitreya – Hera Dress (DU5 fair- omg omg finally a couture dress omg omg)
Boots: BeetleBones – Pesca Thigh Boots (UD5 Fair)

Windmill – We’re Closed
Telephone Pole Prop – Nuwiggles (UD5)
Buckets – We’re closed

2 thoughts on “00212 – A new dawn

  1. I love it. I truly love it. I feel so similar to you in this. I love the scene you set for this shoot as well. Someday, I hope to have the ability to bring my visions to life the way that you do. Love you, Absi <3

  2. Love you too Vikee!! This one was just pure instinct and so I hope I can play more in the future when my RL calms down a little bit! I’m so proud of you too! *hugs!* <3

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