00219 Fellini Couture

Today I had the honor of being in the tribute show for Joy Fellini. It was and is definitely one of my dreams to wear one of her gowns on the runway. Granted, I have semi-retired from modeling, taking to the runway again made me a bundle of nerves. :x!!  But, I am so happy to be apart of this great group of models and producers who all showed their love for Fellini today.  This was my message for Joy, :)

“I have always loved Fellini Couture, however I’ve never considered myself a “gown” girl. I swore to myself that I wouldn’t wear princess gowns with frills, and lights, and crowns. But, what I discovered about myself, through Joy’s creations, are that there is a little bit of a princess in each of us. And, when I do put on one of her gloriously made dresses, I feel as if I’ve been transported into another world. I’m no longer apart of the ordinary, but suddenly apart of a fantasy. I am so thankful  Joy’s creativity to touched my heart when it did couple of years ago, and I am amazed by how talented and inspiring she has become each day. I’m still not a “gown” girl, but I’d like to consider myself one that’s fond of fantasies and exceptionally well made couture brought to life by her dreams. Thank you, Joy!”

So, how I will jump back down into my rabbit’s hole of decor and photo shop. <3 To Shena Neox, who really is a Fellini Muse, and a really great person on top of that.

xoxo – Absi

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