00225 – Dear Friend

Thanks for being a great guinea pig  (:P) for putting up with all the times I bug you. And for laughing when I say silly things… and for being my friend when it felt like almost everyone (not everyone — I still have beloved friends and family) had turned their backs to me.  I love all my friends. <3 I am so blessed. :)

I wish I could apologize to all the people who stopped talking to me, defriended me, or cut me out of their lives. I would like to apologize. Perhaps there was a time in my SL when I was involved in a not so good situation and couldn’t see my face for my ass. Perhaps I was neglectful of people, or appeared that I was “using” friends, or I wasn’t a good friend at all. I’m really unsure and I am sorry. I have thought about trying to completely erase that time period from my visible history — Flickr, blog, facebook. But, I think that.. those crazy, insanity filled months have helped to shape who I am today in SL, and serve as a strong reminder that something may be glossy and shiny, new.. and sparkling like gold. But, it’s core is rotten.. and broken forever.

I focus on my SL relationship with Rob, my friendships, my sisters, my bugs (also know as my spoiled children), and the photography, decorating, styling, creativity that I brought me here. My roots. I love singing along with my SL brother at his shows, and jumping around his Luis’ sims and creations.  I love my life.  I do miss some of my old friends, however when I think about them, I wish them well and hope one day we can be friends again.

I have a lot to learn about photoshop. I will take my sweet time :D

Sincerely,  — Absidoodles

——–on me

Absinthe’s Style:
Hair: Boon – WMO003
Shirt: nyu – Wool Slim Sweater (new! Fameshed)
Skirt: nyu – Linen Stitched Skirt (new! Fameshed)
Belt: Celoe – Abel Belt
Collar: Fashiobably dead – Collar with gold tips
Boots: Ison – cult riding boots
Pose: Del May

Scene: my front porch, decorated so long ago none of the items are new. >.>

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