Travel Day.

:) Just chillin’ like a villain with my girls. Say what?!

Absinthe’s Style 233:

Hat: Russian hate by MiWardrobe (New)
Hair: Kiko hair by Taketomi
Scarf: Oversized infinity scarf by Ison (C88)
Jacket: Winter Outfit Jacket by Bens Boutique (New) <3
Pants: Miami Linens (Nutshell) by Boom
Shoes: Adella by Redgrave
Pose: Lost Angels

Model Friends: Vikeejeah Xevion, and Kerasia Hexicola


World Peace.

I want peace for everyone. <3 Merry Christmas!

Absinthe’s Style 232:

Hair: f5 by Liquence
Earrings and necklace: Matilda by LaGyo (Dec C88)
Glasses: Fountain Gold Shades (new! Chic Zafari) –> Totally fun
Collar: Athena Collar by Inside Lab
Dress: Ladybug by h.m.a.e.m
Purse: CC Bottle Clutch by Foil
Poses: Slouch


Happy Holidays! *SoliDea FoliEs* is excited to present two wonderful new items for the December 2013 cycle of L’accessoires!

First, the dada earrings are couture must haves for any stylist’s collection. In addition to that, *SoliDea FoliEs* is participating in the L’accessoires hunt, so please stop by the booth and see if you can figure out Mila’s Christmas gift to you.

dada 2013 sAbsinthe’s Style 20:

Earrings: Dada by *SoliDea FoliEs* (new! At L’accessoires!)

Dress:  Leather Black Dress by NYU (New! Fifty Linden Friday)

Pose: Del May

Photography and editing: Yours truly.

Solidea Folies

Well.  I was quite content and felt humbled and blessed to just be in Second Life. Quite honestly, I had hung up my work-heels and kicked back decorating, dancing, and loving my SL family. In the past, I worked hard in SL. I think taking a huge hiatus from modeling, blogging, the whole scene this was the best thing that I ever could have done. It was time to start fresh and to keep it simple. When Caoimhe Lionheart approached me about possibly being the new manager of Solidea Folies, because she was retiring.. my mouth hit the floor.

There are dreams and wishes that you never ever imagine would come true.  When I was a very very new model, I saw the prestige and elegance of being a Modavia model, and after the hardest casting of my life and some tears, it happened. Then I wanted to be a stylist and play a huge part in Avenue Magazine.. and it happened. I wanted to learn photoshop and take my own pictures. I did it. I aspired to have a recognizable avatar and do fashion shows, and I did that too.  I don’t define myself through labels such as “top model” “super model” “green model” or through a listing of agencies. I do what I love.

I aspire and be happy above all else.. and I’m always working on this. I am happier than I ever have been in RL and my SL. But, never, ever, EVER in a billion years when I was 3 months old, walking into Solidea Folies would I have EVER EVER EVER imagined that I would have an opportunity to work with such an inspiring, unique, creative, and imaginative brand.  No, not as I walked out of Mila’s store  when I was 3 months old with a bird cage on my head and whispies flailing off my arms — happy as can be — did I ever imagine this.

As some of my friends know, haute couture and avante garde flow through my veins, is woven through my lashes, and makes my soul quiver. They are my most loved styles, and have seen me through dark places, loved places, and the light.  I am so honored and thankful to Mila and Cao for giving me this opportunity and I hope to not be a disappointment. <3 I am extremely nervous, and very anxious, but happy and motivated. I just hope people will accept me for who I am and will want to work with me as well :)

Also, I am working like a mad woman on my photoshop technique. I have all my machinima equipment, and I will start learning to film this month!

Okay, I’m done writing a novel. <3 I am so so honored. <3

Absinthe’s Style – 228:

Dress: Solidea Folies: Natzuka Dress

Hat: Solidea Folies: Faces Hat – White

Post: Del May