Chinese New Year

chinese new year 012914s

Absinthe’s style:

Hair: Sharp by Epoque
Earrings: Chantelle by LaGyo (C88)
Outfit: Relic Cashmere&Keane
Fan: CNY fan by ATTIC – (CNY Festival)

Lanterns: [CX] Chinese lanterns (CNY Festival)
Boat and Pandas: Half-Deer (CNY Festival)
Tall lamp: Oyasumi – Red (CNY Festival)
Tree with Lamp:  Chinese Lanern tree branch – 8f8 (CNY Festival)
Basket: Blanket crate – Buckbeak (CNY Festival)
Cabinet: Chinese cabinet – Oyasumi (CNY Festival)

Where the heart is

where the heart is b 11414s

We burn the eggs, spill the pancake batter, knock over the orange juice, and you blow flower in my hair. Fingers beneath the hem of my dress, red lipstick on your collar. We eat here. Crispy bacon, brown edged toast, and cups of coffee 2 minutes too dark. You make it sweet with  your lips, shower me with your kisses, and before we leave for our day, you say .. “I love you.” This day starts beautiful, and we are as perfectly imperfect as our breakfast.

Absinthe’s Style 237:

Hair: Astralia by D!va (C88)
*Earrings: Chantelle by Lagyo (C88)
Scarf: Fringe Scarf by Tram
Jacket: Structured Blazer by The Secret Store
Dress: Charlotte dress by Ison (C88)
*Belt: Fran Vinyl bow belt by Lagyo
*Shoes: Leopard print stilletos by Chic Zafari
Poses: Del May
Location: Our family home – Breakfast area (details to come)

*Essential items I think you need to buy as closet must-haves for styling.

To the moon and back?

“Moooommyyy…,” he called in the typical way that he did when he wanted to ask her something that wasn’t urgent or life threatening, but still stuck somewhere in the wires of his brain.

The air was cold and crisp this morning. Snow was still falling, but after a delicious breakfast of cheerios, orange slices, and toast they decided that it was time for their morning walk. They walked every morning. Bundled up and got cozy enough to go on a winding adventure around their land. Now was the best time to learn about the world. About birds, foxes, trees, and icicles . There was, as always, a hunt for dinosaur fossils — scuffed boots kicking over rocks and random leaves hoping to find that hidden treasure. Mounds and drifts of snow lined the path and made everything this morning seem pristine and new. A fresh start to a new day filled with decorating, dancing, and reading stories.

winter morning a cropped 2“Yes, bug?” she called out with a warm tone that could make the coldest of winter’s days feel like twilight in the middle of June. Her breath created a fog that blew from between her lips as she watched him. Watched him twirl and whiz around with his air plane giving flight to its blue wings.

“Do you love me?” he asked. Ah.. this very familiar question rises again! He asked it with an assuredness that most 4 year olds have when they know the answers. Though he was being more of an actor these days and added a slightly deflated undertone to his words.  Like a careful, worried mother, she watched him hop, skip, and spin recklessly ahead of her. He always came back before her voice got the itch to fuss at him. She could see a green eye peek from around the hem of his hoodie when he looked over his shoulder.  Absinthe tucked her fingers inside her coat after shoving a short strand behind her ear only for it to fall right back to where it was. This hair cut wasn’t meant to stay out of her eyes, obviously.

“Mmm. Yes bug. I do.” She responded and smiled. There was no time left for him to guess or doubt the extent to which she cared about her little critter.
“To the moon and back, mommy?” the dialogue was the same. Repeated, practiced, and rehearsed to perfection. Their steps were as slow and aimless as the path they were walking. And in this moment, there was nobody in the world but them… with the birds, foxes, trees and icicles.
“Yes my bug. To the moon… around Jupiter, Mars, and even Pluto.. back to you.”

winter morningd012013s lights

— For my very own mother who’s breast cancer has returned.  I love you.  Absi.

[Blog details tomorrow.]

Inspiration in the most unusual places

I’ve met a friend on Second Life through SL facebook! And she’s super sweet, real, and amazing. Lately she’s been showing me fashion pictures.  So, I’ve started to call Xiulan one of my muses and somebody who inspires me to do what I love, how I love, and when I want to do it. <3 Thank you for your friendship.

Inspiration c 12013sAbsinthe’s Style 236:

Hair: Passion by Miss.C (really cool hair released last year)
Make-up: Royale Liner by Buzz (Kustom9 event)
Cigarette: Lady_Yellow by NikotiN
*Scarf: Relaxed tunic collar – Molichino
Dress: Bowma Dress by Cashmere* (new!)
Shoes: Leopard Printed Stiletto by Chic Zafari

Poses: Slouch & Miamai

*Essential items I think you need to buy as closet must-haves for styling.

It was a kind of trashy…couture

Who are you to judge. An empress without a thrown. A monarch without a country. — She had quarters and cigs in her clutch and drove a 1983 volvo. Purple. Some asshole had spray painted “cunt” along the back side and she left it there. A) She couldn’t afford a paint job in the first place. B) Might as well let people see the truth about her. She was reckless after all. She told the  truth too much. She laughed too hard. She did blow until her nose bled — but not tonight. She was wearing *white.* Revlon Queen with MAC dreams.

Absinthe’s Style 235:

Hair: Sharp by Epoque
Make-up: Orient Express by blackliquid makeup
Dress: Vipera by H.m.a.e.m
Tattoo: Koi child of life by The inkwell
Earrings and ring: Bubble Pearls by Glow Studio
Shoes: Charol Ultra Stilletos by Chic Zafari
Polish applier: nailed it by Giela Delpaso
Poses: Del May & Apple Spice

Go .. OoOOo..

He had strong hands. Tough finger tips that spent all day working on car engines and dead batteries. Against the smooth expanse of her skin he felt like sand paper. She could feel the way he reached down her spine and memorized every single nodule. She could smell the sweat of oil and grime mixed with the forest radiate off his body. He always refused to shower because he knew she liked it a little gritty, and a lot rough. These small things made her toes curl. He had a way of making her dirty. He could make her do the most despicable, selfless, raw things. Just the thought made her teeth bite down on the plump row of her lower lip nearly producing blood. She had bruises around her wrist from the handcuffs he left on for a minute too short. And, despite those being the only visual wounds, he had some how woven his ink stained way into her soul. She could feel his teeth tearing at her heart — foolish girl.

The sheets were an abomination on her bed. Clothing had been thrown recklessly all over her small bedroom, because when he saw her he couldn’t get to her breast fast enough. Their body heat created a dew against the window glass — it drizzled down its wooden sashes like the sweat on his chest. Like.. the moisture between her legs.
He left at 3 am. Something about.. having to be at work early again. He never stayed over. And, her sheets where smothered in the memory of this wicked seduction for days. Nothing ever washed this man out of her life. Of course, she had begged him to stay just a little longer. Something to eat? A drink? I’ll massage you..
As the clatter of the door closed behind him, she whispered into the morning light that poured over her sex riddled frame, “I’m quitting you.”

This was the lie she always told herself.

—– Absinthe’s Style:

Artistically, nearly pornographically, nude :)  Happy 2014!!

—- Tunes:

New Years

The water was cold on her feet. The chill of winter soaked the bottom of her dress. Numb toes. Warm heart. His heat created a wind that made her dizzy. She could smell him. Sea salt and testosterone that peppered her senses and despite the temperature she wanted to peel off her coat. He smiled at her and tucked a wayward, blond strand behind her ear. It was a futile task, but perhaps he wanted to touch her… To leave the oily smudges of his finger prints across the shell of her frost bitten cheek.

There was a snap. A flash of the Polaroid caught her before she smiled — always this solemn, lonely look. Captured and floating on sea foam.. the film slipped away.. “Happy New Year..” she smiled. And this picture, that smile.. he kept for himself.

Love, Absinthe

(I used to write a lot and I miss doing it. So for the new year, 2014, I will tell short stories with some of my pictures. I hope you enjoy them. :) )

Absinthe’s Style 234:

Hair: Sirena by Chemistry (worked over)
Sunglasses: ISSA shades by S O R G O – chapter 4 event (new)
Jacket: Buckle Mustange by u.f.o (dec C88)
Gown: Lace Holywood Gown – Bens Boutique (new! w/color change hud)
Purse: Bicolor fringe bag – milk motion
Pose: Del May and Imeka

Nail Polish Applier: Nailed it by Giela Delpaso

Model: So thankful 2014 is here! LET’S GO!!!