New Years

The water was cold on her feet. The chill of winter soaked the bottom of her dress. Numb toes. Warm heart. His heat created a wind that made her dizzy. She could smell him. Sea salt and testosterone that peppered her senses and despite the temperature she wanted to peel off her coat. He smiled at her and tucked a wayward, blond strand behind her ear. It was a futile task, but perhaps he wanted to touch her… To leave the oily smudges of his finger prints across the shell of her frost bitten cheek.

There was a snap. A flash of the Polaroid caught her before she smiled — always this solemn, lonely look. Captured and floating on sea foam.. the film slipped away.. “Happy New Year..” she smiled. And this picture, that smile.. he kept for himself.

Love, Absinthe

(I used to write a lot and I miss doing it. So for the new year, 2014, I will tell short stories with some of my pictures. I hope you enjoy them. :) )

Absinthe’s Style 234:

Hair: Sirena by Chemistry (worked over)
Sunglasses: ISSA shades by S O R G O – chapter 4 event (new)
Jacket: Buckle Mustange by u.f.o (dec C88)
Gown: Lace Holywood Gown – Bens Boutique (new! w/color change hud)
Purse: Bicolor fringe bag – milk motion
Pose: Del May and Imeka

Nail Polish Applier: Nailed it by Giela Delpaso

Model: So thankful 2014 is here! LET’S GO!!!

2 thoughts on “New Years

  1. Absinthe…aptly named…an enigma swirling in the jeweled depths…a tantalizing drink that lingers and burnishes a trail to your soul…haunting…unforgettable…inimitable…Absinthe.

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