It was a kind of trashy…couture

Who are you to judge. An empress without a thrown. A monarch without a country. — She had quarters and cigs in her clutch and drove a 1983 volvo. Purple. Some asshole had spray painted “cunt” along the back side and she left it there. A) She couldn’t afford a paint job in the first place. B) Might as well let people see the truth about her. She was reckless after all. She told the  truth too much. She laughed too hard. She did blow until her nose bled — but not tonight. She was wearing *white.* Revlon Queen with MAC dreams.

Absinthe’s Style 235:

Hair: Sharp by Epoque
Make-up: Orient Express by blackliquid makeup
Dress: Vipera by H.m.a.e.m
Tattoo: Koi child of life by The inkwell
Earrings and ring: Bubble Pearls by Glow Studio
Shoes: Charol Ultra Stilletos by Chic Zafari
Polish applier: nailed it by Giela Delpaso
Poses: Del May & Apple Spice

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