Where the heart is

where the heart is b 11414s

We burn the eggs, spill the pancake batter, knock over the orange juice, and you blow flower in my hair. Fingers beneath the hem of my dress, red lipstick on your collar. We eat here. Crispy bacon, brown edged toast, and cups of coffee 2 minutes too dark. You make it sweet with  your lips, shower me with your kisses, and before we leave for our day, you say .. “I love you.” This day starts beautiful, and we are as perfectly imperfect as our breakfast.

Absinthe’s Style 237:

Hair: Astralia by D!va (C88)
*Earrings: Chantelle by Lagyo (C88)
Scarf: Fringe Scarf by Tram
Jacket: Structured Blazer by The Secret Store
Dress: Charlotte dress by Ison (C88)
*Belt: Fran Vinyl bow belt by Lagyo
*Shoes: Leopard print stilletos by Chic Zafari
Poses: Del May
Location: Our family home – Breakfast area (details to come)

*Essential items I think you need to buy as closet must-haves for styling.

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