Good morning with O’Clock Magazine

One of my secret passions in Second Life is interior decorating. I don’t take pictures of my projects or my happy spaces simply because I think there are some things in Life and in Second Life that need to be private. Part of my sanity when I log in is that I have the world that I created just as I want it, without making it public for potential judgement.  Most people know me for some fashion related activity or another, but really I like to spend my nights quietly stressing over decorating my now-in-shambles livingroom in the Spring Cabin #2.  *sostressedoutomggg*  I have about 1/2 sim stuffed with decor and I’ve been slowly updating the houses. Two of them are almost done, and then I’ll plop down a 4th.

I think to myself … with 4 houses surely I’ll be happy. ~.^

My reason for picking the morning in this kitchen is because it’s one of my favorite places on my sim. I wanted to share all the knick knacks and the shabby-chic feel to a small cottage home which is a contrast to the perception some people have of me. Absi wears many hats, but this is one that I’m most comfortable in. No shoes. Messy hair. A cup of coffee. And a kitchen that’s in need of organizing and a little cleaning. :)

Thanks Sidney for making these pictures so wonderful and for allowing me to share a piece of my private life in SL in such an elegant way. <3

The Details: O’Clock Magazine #3

Mother’s day

The sun was setting and they’d been out in the garden all day. It was the kind of weather where humidity felt like you were swimming on land — sweat soaked tops and dirty feet. The kind of heat that felt like lemon aid on a summer’s day. It was vegetable pickin’ time, and she enjoyed being in her garden around this time of the year. There was something fascinating about watching something as small as a seed grow into a delicious watermelon. The time, tender love, and care that went into maintaining a garden always reaped the greatest rewards.

“What’s another kind of vegetable, Westy,” her words hummed in the sweet soprano a song bird to some jazzy beat that was stuck in her head from listening to the radio this morning. Her toes dug into the cool earth and she firmly planted her rump against the heels of her dirty feet. “Westy?… ” she asked again more sternly, however she wasn’t angry. Perhaps he didn’t hear her over the buzzing sound of his carrot plane. That mighty fast orange plane which was whizzing, and diving bravely around his head.


“Ummmm… ” the propellers paused however the carrot plane magically stayed afloat. “Cabbage!”  He was so eager with his answers and he was always slightly amused by the simple questions she asked him. This routine. The sentiments never changed.

“Very good! And what color is cabbage?” Her voice trailed as she pushed a beetle along with her ruined manicure, and then tossed a yellowing squash into the wagon careful not to clonk Westy on the head again. From the smattering of dirt across his forehead and the dried tears that salted his cheeks, that was clearly an accident this mommy didn’t want to do again.

“Green!” he raised his arms up champion style and she clapped.

“You’re so smart, bug.” The smile and love she had for her child was like no other. It’s the kind of love that wraps you, hold you, squeezes until it’s painful even thinking you could breath without it. “You could teach your Auntie a thing or two about eating vegetables, you know.”  Emerald hues drifted to her sister who was partaking her afternoon wine.  She always loved her sister who was the better half of them. Kind. Funny. Soft. Precious… and of course the better looking. And, it was nice to have her there for these simple things..

Her sister laughed. Tossed her head back in a frivolous way and swirled the wine in her glass in the air — almost the same pattern as Westy’s carrot plane, “I prefer fruits to vegetables and in a liquid format. Thankyouverymuch.”

Westy’s plane stopped and he nodded wisely and with all seriousness in his tiny 4 year old voice, “.. Me toooooo.”

Mother's Day b 050714

(This is for my mother who’s spirit has been revived and her soul nourished <3 For the love that she has for me and shares with me every day, and for her goal to start gardening again at the end of May when her chemotherapy treatment is over.  I love you mom! I can’t wait to come home and help you, unbegrudgingly, with your garden this year.)

Absinthe’s style :
Hair: Elyse by Truth
Hat: Spring mesh straw hat by Baiastice
Earrings: Leather feather earrings by Mandala
Bracelet: Hokusai bracelet by Mandala
Bracelet: Dubai bangles by A|Beauparlant
Shirt: Highneckcroptop by COCO
Jeans: Boyfriend Jeans by CM (May Fameshed)
Poses: Del May & click

Garden beside my house in SL :)