Good morning with O’Clock Magazine

One of my secret passions in Second Life is interior decorating. I don’t take pictures of my projects or my happy spaces simply because I think there are some things in Life and in Second Life that need to be private. Part of my sanity when I log in is that I have the world that I created just as I want it, without making it public for potential judgement.  Most people know me for some fashion related activity or another, but really I like to spend my nights quietly stressing over decorating my now-in-shambles livingroom in the Spring Cabin #2.  *sostressedoutomggg*  I have about 1/2 sim stuffed with decor and I’ve been slowly updating the houses. Two of them are almost done, and then I’ll plop down a 4th.

I think to myself … with 4 houses surely I’ll be happy. ~.^

My reason for picking the morning in this kitchen is because it’s one of my favorite places on my sim. I wanted to share all the knick knacks and the shabby-chic feel to a small cottage home which is a contrast to the perception some people have of me. Absi wears many hats, but this is one that I’m most comfortable in. No shoes. Messy hair. A cup of coffee. And a kitchen that’s in need of organizing and a little cleaning. :)

Thanks Sidney for making these pictures so wonderful and for allowing me to share a piece of my private life in SL in such an elegant way. <3

The Details: O’Clock Magazine #3

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