Blog Policies

First and foremost, thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate all the designers and store managers that take interest in me styling their products. :)

I blog because I want to and I’m cataloging my journey through fashion. I also think it’s a great way to file all the looks and styles I come up with. I currently not seeking any more sponsors. However, if there’s an item you’d like for me to show there are some things I’d like for you to know ahead of time to decrease confusion and  to maintain a good working relationship. :)

1) Please send a note card letting me know that you’d like for me to blog for your store or a particular item. Just don’t send me things, because I’ll take them as gifts and might not blog about them unknowingly.

2) Once I’m in agreement to blog items for your store, please send all items along with a NC (note card) to let me know what I should be getting. This way I can double check my inventory.

3) I may or may  not show the entire outfit. I love to mix and match, so if I find something else to suit the outfit I’ll likely use it.

4)I will rarely show all colors of an item. My blog is a picture based, fashion blog. I’ll do my best to represent your item. If there area  variety of colors, it’d be nice if you IMed me to ask which I prefer! I may have an idea!

5) I may or may not blog the skins you give me! I have a very strange shape and not all skins look flattering on me. If the skin doesn’t flatter me, I’ll likely not blog it. This does not mean that your skin is a bad skin or that it’s not worth blogging. <3

6) EVENTS:  I will not blog every single item for fairs and events!  I will only blog things that fit my mood and my personal style. You can expect at least 3 very nice blog posts per event (usually more).

7) Please allow for an unlimited amount of time for your items to be blogged. I am not trying to gain an access of free items, and I really enjoy creating art from the items you generously share with me. So please give me some time, and hopefully you will see your items on my humble corner of second life. I really appreciate your attention, and your enthusiasm. Please please understand that I do not mean to offend or let any of you wonderful designers down.

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